Hello there! having a great time I’d like to think.

You might be wondering what has resolution got to do with spirituality or what is spiritual resolution itself. Have you ever gotten to a particular stage in life and nothing feels right anymore? Do you feel your spiritual growth is crashing down? Have you thought of how to make a solid relationship with God, yet finds it difficult to adhere to it? That’s a sign. God wants you to come back to him. He wants you to retrieve your steps back to his presence. Well then, You are at the right place.

I used to feel that way and I’d love to share with you all how I overcame the part of battles and right now, I’m still standing. And you are gonna win this fight if I did.

Even though the battle will be there for a lifetime, it will always be a great accomplishment as long as we keep fighting and not succumb.

Spiritual Resolution is a vow to develop and boost your spiritual life. It is a strong will to be at right with God at every step of life.

Whether you are Muslim or Christian, it’s applicable that you need to resolve your mode of worship and living spiritually. You cannot use the same approach you used in the previous year or that of yesterday, today in order to get a better outcome tomorrow.

No! it doesn’t work like that.

Your spiritual life without God in it is empty. As a Christian, they are some things you need to do if you want to boost your proximity with God and to make amendments for broken vows.

Steps to Take in Making Spiritual Resolutions

  • A decision is the first key factor in making your spiritual resolutions. I’ve come to understand, that Christianity is by choice not by force. Make the right choice!
  • The determination is where resolution comes in. You need a strong will to stand firm on your decisions. Stand your ground firmly and don’t weaver!
  • Reconciliation is what you do after determining to go on this journey of faith and righteousness, (Romans 3: 23). Always plead for mercy because we defile God every second. No one is pure before God.
  • Make a Covenant with God. This journey cannot be possible without vows. Make them and Keep them!
  • Study and Meditate the scripture. This will help keep you on the right track to always hear from God.
  • Pray Fervently and Daily. It is a mode of communication with God.
  • Make it a Lifestyle and live it every day. Christianity is just a name if you don’t live it.
  • Be proud of It and watch out and see how your proximity to God will be escalated.

Mind you that being a Christian doesn’t make you a child of God, (1John 3: 10). The gift of Christianity was given freely to all but, you need to go extra miles and work harder to become a child of God. It is a choice that you wouldn’t want to make lazing around.

To be a child of God is to lead a holy and righteous life. Even though nobody is righteous before God, He still acknowledges those who strive harder to live up to the standard that He requires from us, (Psalms 15).

Being a child of God means being an Ambassador for the Gospel. Let your life, character, and personality speak that Holy spirit really lives in you.

Be A Carrier of God’s Presence…

I could remember when I used to live one step forward, two steps backward and things weren’t moving the way the ought to be. I felt, and I learned the right thing to do the hard way. But now, I am an overcomer, a triumphant and a rock on which God’s foundation is set upon, (1Peter 2: 9).

If I can learn the right path and follow it, even though it was learned the hard way, then you can also do it. You have to let the Holy Spirit lead you in this journey of eternal life.

They are few things you must do if you want Jesus Christ to take the wheel and lead the way in your life spiritually and physically. In all aspect of living as a child of God, and boost your relationship with Him.

Things to Do to Boost Your Relationship with God

  • Study and Meditate the word of God (the Bible) daily, (Joshua 1: 8).
  • Pray fervently as much as you eat daily, (Daniel 6: 10). Pray to grow, (Luke 22: 42-44). A prayerful Christian is a Powerful Christian.
  • Praise God more than you pray, (Psalms 119: 164).
  • Make a Vow with God.
  • Keep and Maintain your covenants with God.
  • Become a servant for Christ. (1Cornthians 4: 1), serve everyone-great and small alike.
  • Serve God with your talents, gifts, wealth, strength, body, time, and soul, (Daniel 2: 32, 42 -46). It is a call of total submission.
  • Determine to Serve God against all odds, (Ruth 1: 14-18). Whether thick or thin, make God your utmost priority.
  • Make it a Lifestyle to do all these things.

A spiritual resolution will help you to be consistent in your life with God. Remember the Bible rebukes one who is neither cold nor hot in the things of God, (Revelation 3: 15-16). The same thing is applicable to one’s life as a believer. You can never be lukewarm if you want to serve God in all truth and sincerity of the heart.

I used to have such a problem. I was not consistency in the things of God before now, I was neither cold nor hot. I was just in between and guess what. Heaven was shut against me. You would ask why? How did I know that? Well, that’s because God is faithful, just and a God of those that serious with Him.

You must give away something to get something, and God is not an exception to that logic. He is a respecter of no man. God has chosen you today to work on you, (1Peter 2: 6-8). We all are on construction.

Allow Him to Use You Today!

Things You Might Face When Things Are Falling into The Right Place

As things begin to fall in place, it may be difficult at first, but you need to stand firm on your decision and allow God to take the wheel.

  • It won’t be as simple as it sounds.
  • Being a Child of God isn’t an easy task but the best choice to make and a great achievement.
  • It is going to be all new and odd but that’s when you are getting it right. Remember that it is nothing impossible with God, (Mark 10: 27).

Determine and Prayer fervently at all times.

It won’t be easy but don’t follow the crowd when it comes to the things of God. As most Christians of nowadays would say “It is not by sight but faith”. I’d like to let you know that it very much has a lot to do with sight and more to do with faith.

You must represent what you believe in and that implies that you must be a product of your belief.

Life with God in it reflects in everything you do, which mostly applies in the success and failure rates in your life as achievements. But the opposite is the case of not having God in your life.

Make a Your Resolutions Today!

Have a Great Day Ahead.


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