Cindy’s Quotes (CQ).

Hello, lovelies! It’s a new week, hurray! More like a fresh start for everyone out there and of course for me too… So, we ought to make the very best out of it, because once gone, it’s gone forever. You can not and can never have today again once it is gone. Therefore, make a great impact on it and use this week more efficiently while you still can.

Oh yes! It is what it is. Today, I’m simply gonna post about my quotes, more like my thoughts. Hey! don’t judge me, I am a thinker, it’s what I do! 

Cindy’s Quotes are actually not just like other inspiring, motivating and amazing quotes you can find out there. It’s more like a war between the negativity and positivity in my head, contending to take over from the other party. I’m sure we all have such battles going on in our heads, right? CQ is just thoughts placed down by the ink on the paper, more like typed down on my blog! Hahaha… 

They make me realize that it’s beautiful to be different- I’d call it being Unique or being weird. I will be placing them on pictures/images later, I just wanna share today to save more souls for tomorrow’s victories. I also can hope that this post helps you realize that you are beautiful being you. CQ Incoming!

#1.  I’m bipolar; the fire that burns you affectionately and destructively at the same time.

#2.  You are not beautiful if you have an ugly heart.

#3.  I am that girl you cannot have, simply because I don’t have you.

#4.  You are not going to be happy if you keep hating.

#5.  True love is another name for happiness.

#6.  The one who strives to make you happy truly loves you. That person is your true love.

#7.  What’s good enough for you should be one of your priorities, but what’s best for you, should be your priority.

#8.  Nobody loves without hurting, just like Nobody hates without loving at first.

#9.  I believe in second chances, ’cause no one gets it right at first.

#10.  There’s no bravely without fears, There’s no courage without encouragement.

#11.  Death is the common destiny we all share.

#12.  You can’t judge a man’s entire life by his present circumstances, but by his death.

#13.  Never end a man’s life by his downfalls, for no man has ever succeeded without failures.

#14.  There’s no success without failure.

#15.  Life is a story, moments are episodes, and memories are flashbacks. Make your living worth it.

#16.  Who will you be if you don’t appreciate the you-you know at the moment?

#17.  Just because I let you talk doesn’t mean I’m listening, Just giving you the feeling.

#18.  Be careful of who you keep close.

#19. For the fact that I’m quite doesn’t mean I’m listening, but The fact that I’m listening doesn’t mean that you can spill shits.

#20.  Somethings don’t always add up because we always want things to fall in place instead of letting it fall out of place.

And There you go! This will be all for today…

They may not be the best, juicier, well- said; that’s written perfectly but hey! English is not my first language, so please don’t judge me… and they are my thoughts and it says mines! They may also sound weird, Oh! I am actually a weirdo! *Smiles*.

Just READ to get insight and to make impact to my life and other readers lives as well, LIKE if you like/love CQ, COMMENT if you have suggestions to make or something to say about them or my blog entirely, and last but not finally FOLLOW UP MY BLOG if you like what you’ve seen so far, and lastly SHARE to help this blog grow.

Thank you…

With packs of love,


Have an Impactious and Excellent Week Ahead!

Enjoy the Rest of Your Day Hassle-Freed!!!






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