Trendy-Smoky Short Hairstyle to Rock in 2019.

To the pixies, beauties, and fashioners, I hope you love this…

Where are my pixies and ladies? How is it going with the long hairs, maintaining them every day just to rock? Well, long hairs are awesome but short hairs? Oh, my world! It’s beautiful, bold, strong, independent, simple, glamorous, and easy to maintain. This is just to mention a few. ‘cause if I should go on, then you might as well wanna grab some popcorns and a blanket!

Short hair makes you look fearless, bold, independent, sexy, smart, and gorgeous. It leaves you all in an I’m control mode. Not that Long hair goddess doesn’t rock or anything like that. It’s just that the short hair goddess are unstoppable and unbreakable. That’s how short hairs present you to the world every day and it doesn’t even need a lot of maintenance.

So, for someone who is a workaholic, someone who is multitasking like so busy like a bee especially young mommas, and someone too lazy to look pretty like me… do I get a partner?

This post is actually for you. As you may wanna try something new and see how far you can get? You know, I love to challenge my readers. Then keep scrolling down… you’re gonna love it and also, maybe find a new style to rock! Also, for the long hair goddess, you might also wanna get a haircut and I’m sure you’re gonna find something you like that also suit you.

These short hairs will make your fine hair (for the long hair goddess that wanna go short hairs) to still maintain its texture and full quality even though they are short. These hairstyles will flatter your face nicely and keep you petite yet feisty.

Enjoy the ride!


hair 8

hair 7



hair 6

hair 9



hair 5

There you go! Rock your look with trendy-smoky haircuts and style in 2019.

Have a Great Day…


PHOTO CREDITS: Google, Pinterest and mine.


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