First New Year Resolution (Change of Look & Style).

Number One Resolution Down!

Howdy cupcakes! How is it going? Well, today is the first day of the new week and trust me, I am not a Morning person. Nevertheless, I’d like to believe y’all had a great weekend? Okay, peeps!

Today, I’ll be talking about my hair… or perhaps, I’d say my new style for the year, 2019. Yayaya! It’s like my first resolution of the year. To change my look and styles. Yaya! I love it! Well, this month, January 2019, marks the eighth-month I got my hair transformed from a relaxed hair to a natural hair. It was a remarkable thing for me to do even though I was sad for letting go my beautiful long and relaxed hair. But then, the future held so much more than the past.

So, then here I am, with a new hair and a great look for the year 2109.

So, from June 2018, I had my hair cut short. It was a wonderful experience, I didn’t have to go through the stress of fixing and combing my hair, I simply just have to wake up, do my morning business, dress up and run off to school. I had my time with me to enjoy without going through the hassle of looking pretty because I am already naturally beautiful. But that doesn’t mean having long hair makes you ugly. Nah! Y’all rock as well.

This post is to share with y’all that short hair is great and it is as well beautiful to try something outside your comfort zone. This is also my first time of fixing ever since the world was blessed with me as a gift. Believe me, it was the most exciting thing for me to experience through this new year resolution. It was an amazing breakthrough for me to take such decision and stick to it. You wouldn’t wanna hear my love stories with hairs.

So, right now, I’m gonna let y’all inside to feed your eyes and have a great time taking in as much as you can.


I’d appreciate it if Y’all can do one more thing for me.




There you go! Still on the new year resolution something… hope this helps you get on with yours.

Have a Fulfilled Week Ahead

With Bunch of Love,




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