Having plagiarism problems? I hope this helps you resolve it.

Hello there! having plagiarism issues? Well, I hope this post can help you knock that out of your site. I am a blogger, I know that’s obvious, funny me.  I was also a freelancer. I wrote for a few people and companies, well as the last middleman before the actual person that get the contract directly.  I wanted more than just a peanut as pay you know?. I wanted to be recognized for my little hard work and then, I quit cause I worked as an elephant and received like an ant, I spend way more than I earned. Y’all would agree with me that that was a waste of energy, right?

After I quit, I decided to create awareness of my little skill as a freelancer here, which I am doing right now…  though, I ain’t all perfect and familiar with that but, I am a fast learner, and I would surprise ya with that, so, please if you have any job for me on freelancing, hit me up via Contact us, thank you!

This was one of my freelancing job which I did for one of my clients. There are many ways to eliminate plagiarism from your site, which is one of the sole purposes of this post. It will help you understand better, what plagiarism is all about and how to end it right away.


  • Plagiarism – According to English Dictionary for Windows Phone by Flow Simulation Ltd.:

It is a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as your own work.

In today’s era, people tend not to understand the purpose of copyrights and other kinds of stuff like that, that preserves ones work from imitations and the rest.

  • Plagiarism – Based on my research:

Simply, is an act of claiming ownership of someone else’s work. Now, if found on your site as practiced by many writers and sites, exposes your site to the dangers of plagiarism.

3 Dangers of Plagiarism in a Website-

Dangers of plagiarism to your site can cause damages to your website:

  1. It reduces your chances of online success- meaning that you will get poor traffics on your site.
  2. You might even be banished or cause to be boycotted, i.e. your site being on the blacklist which means your site is out of favors on the result pages of search engines.
  3. The danger of plagiarism on your website reduces your site to a low website ranking.

Ways to Shield Your Site from Plagiarism –

  1. Ensure to have copyright notice placed on your site.
  2. Create a plagiarism warning banner on your site pages.
  3. Have watermarks embedded on your graphics? yeah! do that.

Good luck fighting and staying off plagiarisms!!!

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Have a Beautiful Thursday! like a BT? haha… I know you love me.

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