The Seasons Plog (Photo Log).

Congratulations Pumpkins! Y’all Made it to 2019… Yayay!

It’s a new year! I am so glad we all made it to the year 2019. Irrespective of all the struggles and challenges Y’all had last year. Ladies and gents, I just wanna say, I am glad I met Y’all. Y’all made me happy and above all, I wanna say a very big thank you Dear Lord for my family, friends, my readers, and followers, for my talkers and for everyone out there who made it to this day. Damn! I am so freaking thrilled.

Shout out to those who were born today! Menh! Y’all are great and I wanna say The HAPPIEST NEW YEAR TO Y’ALL AND The HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO Y’ALL!!

Right! People, today is so obvious ‘cause it A NEW YEAR! 2019 to be precise. So, I would only share my day with Y’all. More like my outfits for Xmas and new year.

For Xmas Outfit:



  1.   Blackhat
  2.   floral blouse
  3. a pencil elastic skirt (comes together with the blouse).
  4. white floral heels


  1. a tinted glasses/shade
  2. white purse
  3. A golden neckless and a golden watch
  4. Fashion rings
  5. a stud earrings

Makeup Credit: Meee…







New Year Outfit: 


  1. Jeans shirt
  2. Jeans high-waist skirt
  3. A hat I think I love hats
  4. Stud earrings and pendant
  5. Fashion rings I like rings too and a black rubber wrist watch
  6. jeans DIY flipflop
  7. Jeans handbag
  8. DIY beads as bangles

Makeup Credits: Meee…






Well, that’s a photo shoots for the celebration season from the other side with my baby my Samsung GT-1928. 

Happy New Year once more… wishing Y’all more wins and lesser losses.


Much Love from Me to You~~~





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