Grateful Monday (Be Thrilled…).

I know that a Monday can never be a grateful one ’cause of the stories behind it being a murderous day_for workers mostly…

Hey! How is it going so far? Well, it’s has been a tremendous walk for me because life is full of so many ups and downs, but that’s what makes it fun, yeah? Today, being the last day of the month, last day of the year, but also the first work day of the week. It’s Monday! I am so excited. Note the sarcasm

Well, I am not ungrateful as it is the last day of the year 2018. It is something fascinating to be alive and hearty after all the strugglings that tag as a bonus with the by-passing year. As, most people know, well that’s for the news freaks. The winding-up year, 2018 has been a terrible and a torturing year for the Nigerians. Well, not all of them though, but a quite good percentage of them. You may not know this but, the past 4 years which include this current year has been a terrible time for most families in Nigeria. Reasons best-known to individuals but, I would say that the past 4 years, Nigerians sailed through without any form of leadership. I am sorry to say this, but the past 4 years has been a non-leadership regime from the political aspects, Or, I would say freedom from leadership era.

Nevertheless, I thank God for life, family, you *my friends* and for sustaining my little weblog so far. Menh! It was horrible, being a student and falling in love with writing and blogging wasn’t helpful either. But hey! I am so damn proud of myself. Sugar! You nailed it.

To Y’all beautiful people out there, what has been your ultimate achievements this year so far? I can’t help it! I just wanna know, please share with me? as for me, it has been a whole lot of success, failures, insecurities which I am still working on and will be doing that until God knows when. Hey! Don’t judge me, that’s part of what makes me human, in case you’re a god/goddess. I am not. Talking about success, I was able to make improvements on my blog, whether small or big, improvement nah improvement, abeg! I also was able to write a few short stories, I was able to nail my first semester HND 1 with a good grade I would say, I hope for a better grade from my second semester though. I’m so excited to be in my finals, yayay! Also, I improved in my poetry (It’s now in a write-up forms embedded as an image). This is just to mention a few.

As for my failures, I don’t take no for an answer. They are gonna be my 2019 project. Although, I already got a handful of projects for 2019. Don’t worry, I will share on my next post (New Year Resolutions). You might wanna see what I have in stock for Y’all. So, why don’t you come by tomorrow for it? I bet Y’all, I’m trying so hard not to spill the bean.

Are you excited? Because you need to be, ’cause “A happy heart is not always grateful, But a grateful heart is always happy.” So which are you? what are you waiting for? Make memories from the thrilled Monday. Make decisions, make plans, don’t always wait until you are in some kind of a dilemma to take decisions. You can start right now. It still holidays for most workers in most countries. Then, why procrastinating? Why not now?


Perpare yourself for 2019, make peace, reconcile with those you’ve wrong and let them make a right for their wrongs yeah? rethink your steps, actions, and decisions. Check out if you are getting it right by asking someone who knows you more than you’ve known yourself, persons like your pa, momma, your children, husband, wife, and even your buddies, because “when you find a good friend, hold them with both hands”. Strengthen your friendships, relationship with God mostly and humans, waxen your partnership at work by hanging out with colleagues, families, and folks. Be generous, share, care, accept, forgive, appreciate, learn and move forward.

I hope this helps you make your new year resolution a success. Remember to share your thoughts, share these posts all of it! with others, follow, like, and come back tomorrow?

With rich love,



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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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