Holla, Chums! Ya baby-girl haven’t been lazing around with blogging as y’all can see for those who read my last post. Oh! you haven’t seen it? Just hit this baby here. I love blogging so much apart from reading, singing, dancing *you need to see me crawl, lmao*, and traveling. And oh! eating (most important part) and I love being a weirdo too *best part*.

Yeah! Wanna also, inform y’all about some development that will be going on this little planet of mine (My Blog). There are gonna be changes and developments, ’cause I wannabe a full-time blogger and yeah, a student as well, right! So, I’m gonna change my blog name to Cetwork which is gonna be cetworks.wordpress.com from my next post. So, just in case you are reading this right now, just remember ya baby-girl reminded ya here and now.

So, Cetwork is gonna be something more me, yeah! So much about my weirdo-self and how I get to influence ya beautiful life to be more beautiful-you. It’s gonna be about everything and anything, expressing, impacting, motivating, inspiring, and being weird *that has become my newest hobby*. And hey lovelies! Ya baby-girl need ya supports, opinions, ideas and critics to learn, grow, earn (sometime in the future), improve, and be better in this journey and adventure of mine (Full-time Blogging). I need y’all to be the best Me and y’all need Me to make your day a remarkable-hassle-free day., which makes us even *i’d say buddies if I wasn’t talking to everybody. Opps! I was. You didn’t see this!*.

Now, lovelies keep your ideas flowing in via the comment box, *spill it! and don’t bit ya tongue*, yeah!!! Don’t forget to hit like if you love me,*I know y’all don’t Love Me* so, prove me wrong, please! *winks*. I’d like it too if y’all share with ya folks and foes too *sharing is learning*.

Also, buckle up and hang on tight for the ride!!! It’s gonna be anything but smooth *winks*.



Cynthia*who’s that? Oh! that’s me. Right!* Me!!!

BeInG nOrMaL iS bOrInG!

bE YoU! bE CrAzY…xOxO


Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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