Woke up next to you,

My arms cuddling around you,

My heart racing as I know how vulnerable I can be to your love.

Just then,

Your lips became my favorite for beakfast.

Your smile,

The only remedy to my wounded heart.

Your voice the only melody that calms my soul.

The taste of you,

The only thing that makes me so vulnerable to you.

Your presence, my addiction.

Your love, my muze.

Your smile, my strength.

Your life, a blessing to me.

You, a gift to me from God.

Our love, my favorite story…

Then, and just then I knew your absence could be a disaster to my life.

But then, I remember that when a part of you is gone,

life means nothing to you anymore.

And that’s how vulnerability has taken place,

without you been here.

So, why you don’t hold unto your love.

Love your love.

Be your love.

And live your love.

Life is short and we’ve got now or never to live, love, feel and be vulnerable to that which makes our heart beat faster than a car race.

It’s okay to be vulnerable to love.

It’s okay to love, to hurt and to live.

Let Love Love Us In Its Own Way.

Allow the sea to sometimes toss your ship around. For sometimes, even the sailor gets lost and distracted. But then, the sea finds he again.


Have a Blissful Day Readers…




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