Guarding Speech.

In today’s world people no longer know

the value and impact of conversations.

Some people talk because they think and feel

they know how to talk better than the rest.

So, now I write to you learn to guard your speech.

Would people lives change for the better or for worse

when they listen to your conversations?

If they hear you talk about other people,

would they  hear you speaking about the character flaws of

others as if they were some physical defects,

Or would they hear you consider others just as God sees them?

Do you build up or tear down others heart with your words?

Do your words push others away from you into the dark room

Or does it bring them closer to you?

Do you speak with the wisdom God gave you?

Does your speech honor the God you serve?

Is your conversations grace-filled and

seasoned with the salt of love and peace?

Does your conversations and speech draw others to God?

Have a Reflect And Change For The Better To Save Others Who Are Drifting Away…

Be The Source Of Strength And Light For Others!!!


2 thoughts on “Guarding Speech.

  1. The importance of guarding our speech cannot be over emphasized… Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Thanks Cindy for this great reminder.

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