Hey guys, I’m here again to share with you one of my amazing relish recipes. Well, it’s nothing you can’t do or afford, it’s simple to prepare and not expensive to afford. But, before I go on giving out my recipe, I would love to share with you guys its origin so you don’t go around looking for it online, because this is the first time it’s ever been published, plus I own it!

peppy sa

My peppy-sauce came into origin when I met a beautiful lady-Yemisi my colleague at work, but I call her Bae because she’s really a bae. Well, I always go to work with bread and nothing to eat it with, sometimes I go with a soft drink and sometimes it goes down with just water. So, one fateful morning, Bae came around with something I have never seen or done before now. And honestly, at first, I found it awkward and insane because she told me it was just pepper until I persuaded her to tell me the truth, which was actually just pepper. Now, after that day, I became a lover of this wonderful-relish sauce, then, I took it and she was really glad that I wanted to talk about it. So you see? I took and gave it the name-called “Peppy-Sauce”. It’s called peppy-sauce not just because it’s made with pepper, but mostly because it’s marked by its zest lively giving action to whatever it’s accomplished with. Now, you know about my peppy-sauce, I’m going to give you it’s recipe and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My Peppy-Sauce Recipe


  1. Fresh Pimiento pepper (long or apple-heart)/any pepper.
  2. Onion (optional).
  3. Palm oil (red oil).
  4. Fish (optional).
  5. Water (little quantity).

How to Prepare My Peppy-Sauce?


Remember the method/steps for its preparation and you will love it… so then after getting your ingredients ready and your stove burning:

  1. Get a clean-dry saucepan or a small pot; in order to be able to keep the oil together.
  2. Pour oil inside (best in small quantity); this is just to reduce the hotness of the pepper.
  3. Slice/mash pepper and onion together (if slicing, slice in a light form in order to get it right without mashing them together).
  4. Put fish (if there is any).
  5. Add a drop of water; in order to steam properly.
  6. Add a pinch of salt and Maggi.
  7. Stir all together and bring down.

Note:        Make sure everything you need is ready before you begin so as to avoid it getting burnt.

Other than that, your peppy-sauce is ready to serve as an accomplishment to your food such as bread, yam(white-cooked), rice, etc… add yours! And your food is well served!!!

Try this out and tell me your experience, because mine was breath-taking and refreshed.




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