Self-Care Practice Tips.

Hey folks, it’s a new morning and I’m so feeling this cold. But that’s by the way. How are you folks feeling? Well, lately I’ve been sick but my fingers wouldn’t let me rest full-time so I decided to give out what I do every day, every time or as time calls for it. Now, most of my intellectual readers know I never post about my relationship life, well, that’s because girls need to work now and go to school, then love might find us along the way or better still dates can wait.


You might be wondering how simple?! But honey, it’s never simple and never easy. But hey! That was exactly why I said girls are busy. You’ve got to be busy and focused if you are truly single, else go get witty! Now, I’m the type of girl who goes witty yet busy and focused. Just being me and going for what I want. So then, I used this few self-care practice to stay active every day and every time.


These self-care practices to me, are my daily life activities but could help singles, newly break-ups, and badass, name them and add yours. So I developed this self-care exercise for myself when I was younger. Around my teenage and adult cycle. I practiced them because I was naïve so they said to me then. And then, I started working on being an independent woman. Which I am fully on the track to that. So I began practicing, I began to grow physically, mentally and emotionally to this very day I am still growing. I haven’t gotten it all but that because I don’t need all. I just have to stand tall, strong, focused, determined and with a charming smile always!


So beautiful people, I share with you because it’s what I do; a life coach and a relationship doctor. Back to business, you want to know more, check ‘About Me’ page.

Now, self-care practice is in three (3) fascinating ways; Physical, Mental and Emotional. To get the perfect result be on it. No procrastinating at all!


  1. Physical
  • Clean and re-organize your room.
  • Take a bath
  • Go for hiking and swimming.
  • Dance; shake it off!
  • Go for a walk and if you get a hug, hug on tight (it helps too).


  1. Emotional
  • Meditate on the word (Bible).
  • Practice yoga (I’m still practice).
  • Talk with a friend, not friends!
  • Hit a date (go find love honey)
  • Have things I’m grateful for the list (Be Grateful!)
  • Keep and write Journal
  • Fall in love every day to yourself.


  1. Mental
  • Turn off your phone (calls can wait)
  • Read a book
  • Learn a new skill
  • DIY project; make it your hobby
  • Do something out of the box
  • Try new stuff and things (Be creative).


So guys, with this few tips, you can be your own captain and remember God (the ark builder) and you are good to sail. Don’t let people push you around and stand your ground tall and strong only then will life listen to you. Always pray before you start o because procrastination (the killer of dreams) won’t let you try. But determination and focus will help you. And guys, take care and don’t forget to spill your minds, without biting your tongues in the comment box.

Be Your Own Kind of Person!!!


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