#6 Astonishing Concealer Tips & Tricks For Beauties.

Hey guys, shout out to all my beautiful followers and readers… Thank you all for dropping by today again. So today, I’m actually gonna be dealing with the beauties once more… and any other fellow is welcome!

Right now Xmas is around the corner and everyone is preparing so hard. And here I present to you beauties the 6 tips and tricks you can use to rock this Xmas dinner outing, celebrations or even for your casual looks. Ladies always have to look good for yourself at least if not for anyone else. So to rock this Xmas looking gorgeous, and beautiful follow these few tips & tricks and the pictures attached to it, and you are good to slay!

  1. Apply concealer from the beneath of your down eyelash to the edge of your cheekbone.
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Do It Right!

2.  To fix your eyeliner mistakes perfectly, use an angled brush.

a8267bec30673fe94f2b1f92108ebb31 (3)

3.  Here is what you have to do; blend the concealer in 3 essential sections of each eye for well-rested and beautiful looking eyes.

a8267bec30673fe94f2b1f92108ebb31 (4)

4.  To avoid your lipstick from bleeding and becoming a mess, and to also make your pout sexy by making your lips pop. Gently line and blend the outer edges of your lips with concealer.

a8267bec30673fe94f2b1f92108ebb31 (5)
Take your time honey…

5.  Use a shade that is lighter than your skin tone to blend concealer above and beneath your outer eyebrows.

6.  Prevent your eyeshadow from settling into your creases and failing by priming your eyelids with concealer. This will help keep them neat and sexy…

a8267bec30673fe94f2b1f92108ebb31 (8)

Right now, you really don’t have to worry about that dark circles around your eyes and not having the full make-up kits isn’t an excuse for not looking beautiful. So to all my beauties out there, your concealer and primer can really save you some change… and good looks too!

My compliment the season
Compliment of the Season designed By Cindy…

Once more Merry Christmas in Few Days and don’t forget to leave your comment via the comment box, also subscribe if you really wanna see more interesting posts… And hey! you can start sending me your gifts now to avoid rush and jams…*winks

Stay Focused and Be True!!! 

Image Credit: Pinterest.

Compliment of the season designed by Cindy



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