Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Today, I’m posting for all the beautiful ladies out there… and also for the make-up beauties. Here are few tips on how to draw perfect kitty eyes.

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To get it done perfectly like the one on the image above, follow the steps correctly and one at a time for sexy kitty eyes. Also ensure your liner is well- sharpened or better still go for the wet ones.

  1. Half-close one of your eyes, then draw 2 parallel lines.

7e1a7fd42de7cf5e9e1f148c8ac35716 (4)

2.  Now mimic the 2 parallel lines you drew before neatly.

7e1a7fd42de7cf5e9e1f148c8ac35716 (5)

3.   Simply connect the 2 lines.

7e1a7fd42de7cf5e9e1f148c8ac35716 (6)

4. Thicken the line with several strokes.

7e1a7fd42de7cf5e9e1f148c8ac35716 (7)

5.  Rim your waterline by mimicking your waterline for a perfect shape.

7e1a7fd42de7cf5e9e1f148c8ac35716 (8)

So that’s all you need to do and you are set to rock your day with a sexy kitty eyes which makes your eyes more attractive for those whose eyelashes are few and short. Also after that, apply mascara for a finishing touch!

To all the beautiful ladies and the beauties, I hope this helps you draw the perfect kitty eyes for that party, evening outings, or even for your regular looks.

Merry Christmas to you Guys as it’s really knocking on my doors… And hey! your gifts are welcome…

Image Credits: Pinterest



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