#Currently I am…

Hey Folks!

Hello beautiful people, how’re you all doing? Hope you had a blissful weekend, because I had a delightful weekend. So today, I want to update my beautiful followers and reader what’s up in my life lately. So today, you ain’t seeing any poetry today, just stories, jokes and crazy stuffs I did and still doing. And these things were actually inspired and motivated by my beautiful followers… lately, I have been making out time to go through my followers’ blog and honestly, I was and still inspired by all of them… they’re all inspiring and they uniqueness is something indescribable. 


And so, currently I am listening to my playlist.



And I am dressing unapologetically me- meaning I’m wearing exactly what my mood is seem like which is been me, the crazy me, the funny me, and the real me.

Hahah…The Weird Cindy!


So, lately guys I’ve been so broke and to Cindy, that’s an error because I love been independent, so you see? But then I beeped my friend Shim, because he’s into article writing and me being a blogger and a lover of writing, I decided to learn article writing which is actually blogging but in a more concise form right? So, Shim mentioned me on a post via Facebook, which was when I was able to call the number attached to the job proposal.

The Savior = Article Writing Job!


And boom! I called that number instantly and I was asked to show what I can do as my first test for the job. Trust that joy- which is more like being proud of yourself when you are asked to do what you best at doing… But guys, that wasn’t what I felt. In my own case, I was terrified because of the crazy name it was given “Article Writing.” Honestly, I was really in a dilemma and that wasn’t funny at all. But, there’s nothing impossible as long as you know what you are going for, especially with God but your side. And hey! Even the word ‘Impossible’ says “I’m possible”, so why scared of the unknown when you know what you are looking for.

My face when I figured it out!


So back to the story, *winks… I muttered a brief prayer. Exactly that kind of prayer you say when you are late to home and Mum and Dad calls by your full name, trouble! That was exactly what I was feeling then… starring at my lapy like I was high. Then, a savior came to my rescue. Oops! That was my genius mind that suggested I should give Shim a call, and of course I did that like I was flash (for foreign movie freaks like me).

sp emo
How I ran!


So Shim gave me a hint of what to do, he was indeed an accomplice to my first test success. And then, yesterday I receive an email from the company; which states that I smashed the first test! Well, it didn’t sound like that but hey! That’s what my heart tells me…

The convo with Shim the Accomplice!


And then, lately yesterday I received another email from them- which is actually another step of the test but, this time they gave me the topic, keywords, and instructions to follow which was much easier! Oops! That’s just because I’m pretty good at following instructions. Yeah!

Emails of the 2 tests hopefully Nailed!!!!


And guess what, “I’m surely gonna rock it…” so says my heart! And I definitely believe that. So right now, I’m not actually waiting for the result of the second test, but actually looking forward to the next test! *winks.


1ST TEST : The App Developers. Keywords: app developers, mobile developers and app companies. 300 words.


2ND TEST :#3 Dangers of Plagiarism to a website.Keywords:Dangers of PlagiarismInstruction:* keywords should be used three times in the article* the article should be in the structure of ; Introduction, 1st subheading, 2nd subheading. 200 words.


Right now guys, please pray for me that I get this job and your good luck wishes are highly welcomed and appreciated…

Thank You!!!


Oh! Just before I forget, you might wanna feed your eyes and get inspired and motivated like I was… so you should check out my beautiful motivators and inspirers bloggers:

And hey! Don’t forget to say your mind on the comment box. I’d advise you to tag along for juicier stories on the result of all my test and job madness… and on what I’m currently up to by simply Subscribing or Following my blog…

Stay safe and keep fighting it honey! You will surely hit it…


Emojis credit : Google search engine!






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