#Growing ApartπŸ’”

“We used to be close.” 
How many times have you heard someone 

use those words to describe

a relationship with a siblings or a friend?

Sometimes it’s a case of people drifting apart.

Often, though, the problem can be traced to 

an unpleasant moment or incident, 

something that drove a wedge into the relationship.

Once the wedge is broken, 

the wedge is driven the cracks, 

which only deepens and widens unless a mediator steps in.


Jesus is just the perfect and best mediator.

Only if you ask, 

He will give you 

The Humility,

The Wisdom,


The Patience

You need to FORGIVE and MEND 

Your problem  relationships…





Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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