#Be Happy💕

Hey guys, how do you feel? Because I’m happy😃 and I hope you too are happy. And you know why? It’s because we are in the last week of  the of November and being alive till this day is a miracle and I am so grateful🙏 to God. Really can’t wait for the arrival of Christmas.  So today being Monday was actually so much fun to me, because I actually get to play around with the girls at work. I know, it’s Monday but all work and no play makes Cynthia a dull girl!😉. So we decided to play around, but that’s because we are in charge of the section where we work for the whole week maybe. And guess what? It was actually fun being crazy once in a while with your colleagues. You should try it too, because it boosts the mutual trust and strengthens the group. And that’s Teamwork! So taking a few shots isn’t bad, because I want to remember this memory.

Christine and Cindy

Now guys, I am sharing this for you to remember that life isn’t all about work… so please don’t just be a workaholic and have fun while working. You just need to go on a low-key once in a while to refresh your brain, get new ideas and become more creative!


Cindy and Tabitha

I hope this post of mine helps you know and remember the value of having fun and taking a break. You don’t have to spend; you just have to leave your screens and get some fresh air, be crazy and have fun…

Have a Wonderful Day!!!💕

Enjoy! And Be Safe… 💖


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