Hey guys, today I want to give you few tips on how to choose the perfect primer for your beautiful faces. They are few things to look out for when choosing your face primer, it should be according to your skin, skin tone, skin conditions, and should also match your foundation for a good result and to avoid side effects… yeah! Thank me later!


So guys here, are the most important things you need to do check for-

  1. Skin Type:

First of all, begin with knowing your skin type. And if you tend to have to a:

Dry Skin: go for a “hydrating” primer.,

Oily Skin: go for a “mattifying” primer.,

Sensitive Skin: go for an oil-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and so on as long as it’s a simple primer.

  1. Color Correct:


Secondly, your skin color to help you make the best choice. So if you’ve got a:

Dull: go for a light-pink-tinted to add a glow.

Redness: look for a light-green-tinted primer to neutralize the redness.

Swallow/Yellow: go for a light-lavender-tinted primer to brighten the skin.


  1. Here’s A Help:

They are few things to watch for; if you have an/a

Acne:  this is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; and for such skin condition, I advise you to go for an oil-free, oil-absorbing primers with saliency acid. And if you have-

Large Pores and Fine Lines: go for pore-minimizing and anti-aging primers.

  1. Test/Try It:

Try a sample of the few options you have on your hand. Make sure to allow it to dry, then apply a little foundation.

NOTE: If the foundation applied goes on smoothly, that a sign that it’s a perfect match!


  1. Match:

Your primer should match your foundation. So use a primer that has the same oil and water-based as your foundation, so that they don’t repel each other.

So ladies, you don’t have much to worry about once you get the right primer for your face.

Happy Beauty!

Stay Beautiful and Keep Slaying…



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