Beautiful Me!

Hey Ladies, did you ever count your hair as one of your problems? Hmmm… honestly I did but, recently I found how to get that out of my problem list. And today, I’m sharing with you guys my escape tipsy out of hair loss, hair breakage, and so on. Have been wondering how to prevent my hair from breaking and all that. Especially after getting rid of an old hair-style, I found out that my hair is shorter and scanty to compare to the way it was before I made that particular hair. And not until I started applying my self-care tips to my hair. So today, I hope this helps you save your beautiful hairs…

And this actually depends on the kind of hair you made, carrying, or planning to make… so don’t worry and just follow the instructions and you will be just fine. Trust me!

  • Fixing/Sew-Ins
  1. Make sure you’ve prepared your hair for installations like Co-washing, bleaching and so on.
  2. Ensure your braiding pattern isn’t done too tight, because your edges will thank you later. Trust me!
  3. Co-wash bundles and clarify scalp 1-2 weeks.
  4. Don’t keep hair installed for more than a couple of months.
  • Braids/Twists
  1. Never braid down your edges.
  2. Make sure your hair stylist doesn’t braid/hold down your hair too tight. You know why!
  3. Dip tips or end in hot water or burn them or use black tape.
  4. Use a braid spray for braids/twist.
  5. Changing the style everyday isn’t advisable to avoid ripping your hairs off from your scalp.
  6. Keep your scalp clean under the braids by brushing up falling hairs.
  • Other styles
  1. Keep your hair protected by changing your pillow cases every week at most.
  2. Keep your hair protected with silk or satin scarf and pillow cases.
  3. Use hair oil and ensure to use oily fingertips to unravel your hair, especially during an overnight natural hairstyle.
  4. Use perm rods to braid-outs or twist-outs to seal ends.
  5. Be careful and patient when separating curls.

So to the ladies out there, keep looking young, beautiful and gorgeous with your hairs looking all-grown, full, light and soft with an irresistible fragrant.

Remember ladies, gotta look good no matter how expensive it may be!

Stay classy and be elegant!!!



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