Quick Tips To Make Salt Compress For Back Pains.


Hey guys, how’re you all kicking? Today, I’m here to share an alternative to using heat-pads for back pains. Come to think of it, most people spend a lot to get long lasting heat-pads for just back pain thereby, spending a whole lot. So guys, I’m here to help you save a little from your daily expenses on heat-pads by presenting to you a few “quick guide on how to make salt compress for your back pain”. It might look creepy but trust me, it’s easy to make and saves few change for you and last much longer than heat-pads, plus you can do it all by yourself. This is because; if you go for camping and slept uncomfortably you can just make a salt compress for your back, because you might have cash on you but no store close-by to get a heat-pad, so you just have to get done with the salt compression!


Things Needed

  • Clean Hand Towel/ damp washcloth.
  • Epsom Salt.
  • Bowels (medium and small).
  • Small spoon.
  • Pot or anything you can use to roast the salt.
Roasting Epsom Salt


  • Make a fire.
  • Roast Epsom salt.
  • Wrap roasted salt in a towel.
  • Put it on for 30minutes twice a day (morning and night).

It’s more effective than heat-pads. And easy to make.

Stay healthy without spending so much…

Live sound and stay healthy!!!cindy

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