Hey there, having problem with your present self? Looking for guidelines to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to be that person you are meant to be? Are you tired of being a sucker, a pleaser, and a push-around? Well, worry no more for I am here to help you out with the #7 EASY STEP TO BECOME WHO YOU’RE MEANT TO BE. Now, a lot of people out there in the world these days don’t really have any clue of who they are not to talk of how to become that person who they are truly designed and destined to become in life. Just as we know and see every day, lots of people have this common Ideology that it doesn’t really matter in life, if you are actually filling up that gap- which is who you’re meant to be in life, or if it is vacant? And all this depends on you really, because you can’t complain of having a bad life when they are lots more you need to get done in order to set your life correctly and make it run on the right track and in the accurate pace precisely…



Right now, I have been working on lots of things and sometime life really sucks but, honey it all depends on you to make it either more sucker or fun, sweet and beautiful again. So my dear, you’ve got to help yourself for other to support you; this ain’t time anymore for you to wait or look for a push, because no one wants to remain your pusher forever and no one wants to become just a push, so with this little push of mine here for you, make those around you happy because they won’t be happy when you are not happy with yourself. Mind you that no matter how much/long you try to keep your pretense to be happy with the fake you, it won’t just last, so what’s the point exactly. Why waste your precious time faking up your live instead of breaking free and become that one unique person you were meant to be in life. Below are the #7 push-up and guidelines that worked for me to become who I am presently, the better version of myself moving to the best version sooner than you imagine!

#7 Steps/Push-ups/Guidelines to Become the Unique and Best Version of Yourself

  1. Cultivate a Spiritual Practices: Upgrade your spiritual life by getting closer to God through constant meditation and studying God’s word{BIBLE}, prayers too and always having a clear conscience before God and man (Acts 24:16). God will guide you where need to go. For our spiritual life is the mother of our physical life.LY
  2. Love the You Now: Right now, you have to love who you are now, for love is the first important key to unlock the fullness of your greatness and the beautiful you in you.
  3. Accept Your Past and Present: Acceptance helps to show us our mistakes and teaches us how to apply its wisdom which is the key to your unfolding future.GTKY2
  4. Get to Know Yourself: Spend time getting to know yourself- through journaling; which is one of the powerful tool I used to get to know myself… It will help you to click through the old or the fake version of yourself.LG2
  5. Let Go: Now, stop trying to plan everything and see what decisions your heart makes in the moment. Just let it go, because sometimes planning itself can be stress too. So plan little and rock freely by listening and following your heart.
  6. Make New Decisions for the New You: Alright, wasn’t going to say this but I’ve got to- so that you darlings will know it’s not easy yes! But it can be done ‘cause I did it. I made few new decisions of living my life expressing and not impressing, to love whether I receive back or not, and why is that because that’s what my crazy heart decided and it’s not so bad as it sounds. So instead of making decisions basing on what you think you need to do to be worthy of love, make your new decisions basing on those sh*ts that fills you up. Make new decision concerning them.
  7. Practice Gratitude: An ungrateful heart will never be at peace because you are not going have a clear conscience. So be grateful by acting and practice gratitude.

Only you can be you, nobody can replace you in this world because they aren’t you! So sit-up and do your best, it’s going to come through. Be others muse and I will be yours!

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