#1 Question of the Week: “WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING THE FAVOR?”


Hey guys, I want us to look into this question deeply, and also I want this to be a discussion section. So if you have something to say don’t forget to hit the comment box. Alright! here we go, in today’s world, the men actually think that they are doing the women a favor; by proposing marriage and getting married to them. But that impression and ideology is wrong. Totally wrong and absurd! It’s totally immature of any man that still thinks like that, because women are actually the one doing you folks a “favor” if that’s the terms you want to describe love and marriage with.


Now, to the ladies and gentlemen out there, this is what I want us to look into and discuss about this… and your opinions really matter and would help others, so feel free to speak your mind, and don’t bite your tongue…via the comment box. A lot of men out there act like they’re really doing a woman the favor by asking them to marry them or by marrying them off, but the actually truth is that the women are the heroes here not the so-called man(those who think like dimwits). Now let’s think and talk about this:


  You got married to this lady, she changes her name (fathers name to your own name), leaves her family for yours, changes her home, and moves in with you to God knows where, builds a home with you (most time, they build it all alone). She gets pregnant and loses her sexy physiques for you and bears you children. Pregnancy ruins her body shapes, she gets fat, almost gave up in the delivery room due to the extreme pains of child birth she’s passing through. Even the kids she bore bears your name. Until the day she dies, everything she does benefits you, so really! Right now, who exactly is doing the other a favor?


So right now guys, I think the men out there should have a re-think of what they think of the women in their lives, because if she’s an angel or the devil, it all then depends on you and how your treat her (sometimes though). I too want to learn more, so if you have anything to say; you’re most welcome to the discussion room @ the comment box!

I hope this opens the eyes of the women out; Don’t be a liability to your man so he doesn’t think like a dimwit “I’m doing her a favor” because I married her. And for the men, appreciate your woman, make her know you value her more than she thinks and know… both of you should appreciate and respect each other in commitment and understanding endowed with the wisdom and love of God.

Marriage is a blessing with the right person, but also hell with the wrong person!!!



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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

2 thoughts on “#1 Question of the Week: “WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING THE FAVOR?”

  1. Well, the way i see it is that the man is doing himself favour by marrying the woman because the bible said: He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favour and approval from the Lord .
    Proverbs 18:22

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