Hey guys, today I want to share with you my little knowledge with you guys on what to check out first when you want to get yourself a pair of glasses. Alright, let’s say you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses on the internet, but you can’t order them because you’re missing one vital piece of information: your pupillary distance. Now, because you lack this little knowledge, you might end up getting the wrong pair. But don’t worry about that because Cindy is here to help, and you can easily measure your pupillary distance(PD) from the comfort of your home and anywhere you find yourself at a particular moment. You can check it out yourself and know it all by yourself, no doctor, no hospital or any stress involved. It’s easy and also your own thing. Just follow the steps and you will be just fine. Trust me.


Alright, now I’m going to tell you what Pupillary Distance(PD) means; PD is the distance between the pupils of the eyes, center-to-center, in millimeter. Now, when you’re getting single-vision reading glasses, and you are over 40, use your near-vision PD, which means your distance vision PD is lowered by 3 mm. And Why is This Important? This is important because every set of prescription lenses has an “Optical Center” which is determined by pupillary distance.


Measuring The Distance:


Your prescription (i.e. written instructions for an optician on the lenses you want) may tell you your pupillary distance, but if the pupillary distance is not available, use a mirror or your friend to help you get it figured out.


  • Millimeter Rulerrmod



Measuring Your Own Pupillary Distance (PD) Using A RULER:

Don’t worry, just follow the steps below carefully to avoid wrong results.


  1. Stand 8 inches(200mm) away from the mirror,
  2. Hold the ruler against your brows, with your face straight.


  1. With your right eye closed, align the ruler’s zero to the center of your left pupil.


  1. Close your left eye and open the right eye while looking straight.
  1. Read the millimeters (mm) line that lines up with the center of your right pupil; whatever number you get now is your PD.



  • Measure your PD 3-4 times in order to avoid mistake and to be assured that it’s accurate and consistent.
  • The Ranges of Adult PD should be: 54-74mm.
  • The Ranges of a Child PD should be: 43-53mm.

Having a Friend Measuring Your Pupillary Distance (PD):

It’s good when a friend is measuring your PD, but you should have your friend put the zero on the millimeter ruler over the center of one pupil with both eyes open, then measure the distance to the center of the other pupil.



  • Do not look at the person measuring!
  • Keep your eyes as still as possible.
  • Look above your friend’s head at something approximately 10-20feets away.
  • Have them sit/crouch while you stand so that they are out of your field of vision.

With your Prescription in one hand and your PD in another, handling all of your optical needs shouldn’t be a problem and you can end up saving your time and money, even while rocking numerous pairs of glasses that fits and matches up with your face.

Happy Rocking Your Pairs of Glasses Guys

Have a Great day People…Cheers!!!



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