Hey good people! Happy October to you guys… it’s really been busy days all over the place. So how are you cuties doing? Today, I’m here for the men and ladies all over the world, but most for the men to remind them that love isn’t just enough. So shout to all the men out there for making their ladies heart to flutter… and to the ladies, be grateful to your man and support him to become better.


Now, to the men out there, it’s so unfortunate that most ladies have been used, dumped and lives with wounds and broken hearts created by you men. And right now my question is ‘Why do that? Why giving them butterflies in their (Ladies) stomach and make their heart flutter when you have no intention of taking responsibilities? And to the ladies, simply because a man said “I Love You” or “I Want to Marry You” … doesn’t mean he’s yours. Remember he just said it and haven’t made any move towards that. So why the rush ladies? Why packing into his house because he got you tied down with an engagement ring for 6years? Remind you that engagement isn’t marriage ladies, so get a grip of yourself.

And to the men, a man who is ready to marry a lady doesn’t do the talking rather his action does it, because you preach to her when you don’t know the right thing to do which is not even needed. Mind you, that because you can pregnant a woman, that doesn’t mean you’re matured enough for marriage… (a mad man can impregnate a woman too).  Gentlemen, love isn’t just enough to keep and maintain a woman because marriage isn’t just about love. Love without commitment is nothing but a child’s play so don’t expect your lady to still stick around when it’s a joke to you… because she’s not a joker! Read:7 WAYS TO GET HER

As a Man, *What Exactly Can You Offer to A Woman Outside What Makes You a Man? you really ought to be offer more than thing that makes you different from a woman which is in-between your legs. You need to sit down and ask yourself few questions before you step into a long term relationship with that beautiful lady, because of 6years of long term relationship, you woke up one morning and suddenly want to get married to this lady? Are you high? Look here young man, you need to sit down think, pray, observe before jumping into marriage. The fact that you love her isn’t just enough because marriage isn’t just about love though love is one essential vitamin to marriage but, you need more than just love to marry a woman. Mind you proposing to a lady isn’t a game so don’t just rush into it… engagement is no joke Mr. man. Slow down and do the right thing. See Others:THE LIES WE LIVE.

Caleb Obeka 20170209_113126

Here are some questions I need You to Answer before proposing to a woman for marriage;

  • Are you spiritually sound, so as to impact in her life spiritually?
  • Are you morally sound to see her worth and value?
  • Are you hardworking so as to take care of her, and see to her physical and physiological needs as a woman?
  • Are you intellectually sound, so as to handle her inspirational and cognitive needs?
  • Are you matured enough in reasoning, behavior and in mind so as to understand her body languages and emotions, to listen to her opinions and value them?
  • Are you man enough to protect her from pains, or are you going to be the source and cause of her pains?
  • Are you ready to give her your full attention, affection, appreciation and maintain a good communication?


If you can’t answer this questions being sure deep down your heart, then you haven’t started yet. So you know that there’s more to a relationship than just a mere poem “I LOVE YOU”. True love is a serious business, it is beyond sex, romance and all sort of bullsh*ts. It’s time to ZIP up! I love you isn’t just and can never be enough to keep a woman. Trust Me! I am one, so it isn’t just about making “babies” it’s more about taking responsibility for them… See:SUREFIRE TIPSY TO KEEP YOUR LADY.





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