imagesHey guys, guess what! An opportunity is here for you again. For those who don’t want to wait for JAMB and their troubles again, IJMB is here again!!! Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is an Advanced Level program supervised, run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Nigeria here. Which allow successful students to get admission into 200 level of almost all the Nigerian Universities, and candidates can actually study any course of their choice. Admission into University in Nigeria nowadays is a great problem and very difficult especially for those trying to use JAMB as mode of entry… but for those that passed the last UTME, I wish you guys a successful and great grades as your results in your post UTME, and for those who didn’t pass the UTME examination, this is a great opportunity for you to grab, so don’t even think of slacking off for any reason because here is a great opportunity for you. And I have a great news and better alternative for you. I present to you IJMB!!!

Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is a program that takes you to 200 level directly into any University of your choice. To even make it cooler, the program is also available for all departments. This program is organized by the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, and has accredited centers in Ilorin and other environs. The program lasts for just 9months. So in this centers, there is transparency and the necessary information are being released to the students as at when due.

The centers run lectures regularly, and also make sure the student registrations are being done properly and on time. This centers tries their possible best that the students/ candidates have good grades at the end of the program.

I advise interested students to go for their registration on time in order to avoid any challenges or difficulties… I have successful stories of students in various Universities that accepted the program, and now they are seriously excelling academically. I encourage you and also give you educational advice where necessary.

Over the years now, IJMB has been a good alternative for most students going into Universities directly into 200level. This program is recommendable for you out there! the program’s fees is affordable and centers has made it easier for interested students to know that the can pay by installment without much burden. Lectures and other necessary learning materials and tools is also included in the fees.

The center has a good, safe and conducive learning environment and hostels for students, and also, the center is closer to the lectures area which makes it more convenient and much easier for students to attend lectures regularly without much stress. Normally, it supposed to be a 9months program, but since students are not going to resume at the same time, hence, we have students who only ended up spending 5-7months for the whole IJMB program. Since time has nothing to do with your grades but your seriousness and commitments, because IJMB is not just for the brainiest or brilliant students, but also for the determined minds who are ready to sacrifice their time and energy for his/her academicals life, I assure you its’s going to be an all-the-way success ride. Why I don’t want to make jest of the examination is because the exam is difficult if you are unserious but won’t be a challenge for you if you’re serious and ready. And also, the exam is not as difficult as people portrayed it to be, it’s just that the interested candidates need to sit tight in order to pass the IJMB examinations. I must tell you this, I have seen a student in the year 2009, who started on February while the exams were going to take place by May, and he still made good grades of 14points out of 16points obtained-able in total. Really??? Yeah! Trust me. And he was a science student for that matter. Isn’t he awesome? He is, and you too can achieve that in 9months, if he could achieve that in 4months. You just be determined and stay focused!


Another important fact you need to know is the issue of the lecturers, which means any University the students are posted, IJMBway A’leve Registration have tested their teaching methods and skills and also makes sure that they have attained a very high degree in their teaching methods. They make sure that IJMB centers use lecturers that are IJMB inclined, how do you know those lecturers? Well, that’s why you have the right person to lead you, because without the right lecturers for the right course, definitely, IJMB students will be doomed! So they’re there to provide good lecturers with good experiences in IJMB and has also seated for the exam and made it through with good grades too.

IJMB will allow you to choose three (3) courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study in the university of your choice. The highest point for each course is five (5) points, which is denoted by A. that is, all the three (3) courses will be 15points all together, with an addition of 1point. If in the 3 courses you don’t have an F(fail) which stands for 0point. Adding up, makes it a total of 16points.

A=5 courses/subjects

B=4 points

C=3 points

D=2 points

E=1 point

F=0 point

For you to be considered as being passed in IJMB exams you must be scored with a minimum of 5points in total i.e. EDE stands for (2+2+1) which is 5points. It’s worth to NOTE that before JAMB/UTME comes to existence, IJMB was the only means to gain admissions then, ask professors and they will confirm this to be true. The same problems facing other sector in Nigeria, especially in education sector today, hence, you may find only few people that has little knowledge about IJMB these days.


  1. Unlike JAMB result which is valid for only a year, IJMB result is never invalid at any time.
  2. You can use your IJMB result for more than once unlike JAMB.
  3. You can apply for JAMB while on your IJMB program i.e. killing two birds with a stone.
  4. You will have a higher PGD in your University as it will be divided by 3years instead of 4years unlike other students that gains admission through JAMB.
  5. You are at greater advantage than other students since IJMB students are fewer in ratio unlike the rest.
  6. I have come across with many educated parents that says “if my child doesn’t gain admission into the University through IJMB, it doesn’t really matter at all, I want them to have the first-hand experience with A’ level program before gaining an admission fully into the university. Yeah! That
  7. is what is seen in other advanced climes, you just studied a year with advanced program before gaining admission fully into a university of your choice”.

For more information and enquiry contact 08104573394, 08102346874 or email my friends on,

Also catch up at Facebook: Registration and lectures are in progress… hurry up!!!




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