Hey great people, today I’m here for the ladies again, gotta do my job to keep and help them on the right track!😉 As a lady, you ought to have a makeup kit but it’s not impulsive nor compulsory. It’s only necessary as a woman. Whether full pack or just the essential ones, hey! And who says you can’t rock as a natural beauty, because of not being a fan of makeups? No one, that’s why it’s not compulsory, but just necessary. So today, I want those who cannot afford a full makeup kit to know that, it’s okay. And that they can still put up a great makeups without having a complete sets of  makeup kit, which is why I present to you the MOST IMPORTANT 12 BRUSHES YOU NEED AND HOW TO USE THEM…

  1. Fan Brush: fan brush

This is a thin, flexible fan-shaped brush which is multipurpose, and comes in many different sizes. It is used to brush fallen eye shadows from beneath your eyes, or to stroke powder on your face. It is used for highlighting(highlighter), bronzing(bronzer), and used to blush for a precise yet sheer application.

  1. Lash Brush/Brow Comb:Lash Brush n Brow Comb                                         Brush:For unruly brows, Brush is used for brushing out and brushing up tame thick and also used to diffuse harshly filled-in brow lines.

      Comb:To Use Comb: Gently Comb through to separate clumpy lashes, it is also used to remove excess mascara and smoothens your messy brows.

  1. Angled-Eyeliner Brush:Angled-Eyeliner Brush...

Dip in gel liner or eye shadow or cream, hold the brush at an angle so the bristles are flush with your lash line. Then drag from the inside corner of your eyes along the last line.

  1. Smudge Brush:Smudge Brush..

First of all, line your lashes with kohl, for a smoky and sultry look, lightly sweep the brush from side-to-side over your liner.

  1. Blending Brush:Blending Brush

For a soft-blended look, hold the tip of the handle and swirl in circular motions in your eye crease.

  1. Concealer Brush:Concealer Brush

Use the rounded edge to reach nooks around your eyes and nose, and pat concealer on under-eye circle and blemishes.

  1. All-Over Eye Shadow Brush: All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

Smooth eye shadow across your eyelids in a windshield-wiper motion for intense color.

  1. Angled-Blush Brush:Angled-Blush Brush

It is a medium sized brush that is dense and rounded with a tapered-angled end, to swirl the bristles with blush on the apples of your cheeks, and then hold it an angled and glide it along your cheekbones. It has a perfect shape to define cheek bones, which is best for contouring cheek bones and other features.

  1. Powder Brush:Powder Brush2

This is a large and fluffy generally quite soft, yet dense used to dust the bristles across your face to evenly diffuse loose powders for less concentrated color that won’t smudge your foundation.

  1. Kabuki Brush:

Sweep bronzer along your hairline and temple, cheekbone, and jawline in a three-shape.

  1. Beauty Blender:

For even sheer coverage, dampen with water and dab on foundation.

  1. Foundation Brush: Foundation Brushs

It is a flat, dense-soft, rounded end used for a seamless finish, apply foundation to the center of your face and sweep outward towards your hairline.

So ladies, you can still put on beautiful makeups without a complete makeup set kit.

Look good without stressing yourself!!!cindy

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