Hey guys, how are you fairing today? Hope you all are doing great? I am doing awesome, because you guys keep me busy and heads-on, thank you all for that and I want you out there to know that Cindy loves you, which is why I try my best to reach out to you on daily basis. So today, what do we have? Oh! It’s how to pack a perfect carry-on for tourists, and so many other people. Today, I want to talk about this even though I have never been on the plane before, and sometimes I wonder what it’s like. But I have lots of people that have been on a carry-on before, and oh! Last time mama traveled by carry-on, I helped her do the packing and she was so happy and excited because I was able to get her all she needed and was still comfortable with a little box. Now, I’m writing for those who don’t know how to pack the right and perfect carry-on, thereby, packing the whole wardrobe into a bag or perhaps packing multiple bags making the trip floppy and heavy for them.


Now my dear, if you really want to enjoy the ride, the break, the camp, the business trip, the vacation, name it. Whatever it is; here is a perfect way to pack a perfect carry-on just for you to enjoy the ride. Below are the essential things you need for a carry-on, trust me. Because you will be needing either of these; either for business trips, vacation, etc. (add yours too).

  • A notepad and a Pen: For keeping notes, ideas, records, and schedules, etc.
  • Passport holder and Passport.
  • Makeup kit and Cosmetic bag: for your make-ups such as lip balm, powder, dry shampoo, brush & scrunches, deodorants and cream.
  • Phone and Tablet: For communication and businesses, selfies, etc.
  • Sleeping mask.
  • Refreshing towelettes.
  • Neck pillow.
  • Compression socks.
  • Music: if you want to avoid fatigue and for mind refreshment.
  • Carry-on bag: Having your clothes inside and other stuffs (where you pack all this).
  • Hand bag.
  • Your glasses and its case plus wipes.
  • Power charger; to avoid low battery messing up the ride- what’s the use of dead phone/battery.
  • Your toothbrush in a pack.
  • Warm socks and cardigan.
  • Oh! Yes, a pack of chewing gum; to stay active and avoid fatigues.
  • Clear travel toiletry bag.

Now, with all these well-packed into your carry-on bag/ box, I don’t think there will be any need borrowing from a friend. Just make sure to pack from three days’ interval before the D-day. Don’t pack in the morning of the D-day, or a night before the D-day, to avoid forgetting the important items.

Happy Riding…


Have a Wonderful Trip!!!



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