Hey guys, how are you all doing? It’s actually raining here in Nigeria this morning and I was so lazy to post. Oh! And sleeping was indeed awesome, trust me<winks>.  So hey, I am here today to show you my little warm and cozy outfit for winter which is raining season in Nigeria… not much, but trust me, it’s so cozy and warm in here. Actually, I love fashion, though I’m not great with beauty, make-ups and other stuff. Let’s just say I am a natural beauty Lady. I only wear make-ups on rare occasions or whenever I feel like, but that’s by the way.

Oh! For those ladies that think you need to own a room of leggings, pants, shorts, or trousers to be warm and cozy, and also before you can stay classy. My dear, it’s not true. Being classy and sexy don’t even require you owning a boutique before you achieve that. It only requires you being confident, sexy, decent, classy and also a standard lady in the making. Not the clothes or make-ups, or even expensive stuffs. You can still be a stylish eve with an old dress, an old shirt, and other cheap and affordable things and stuffs. Just learn to be creative and stylish. It doesn’t have to be in trending or invoke before you can be classy, sexy and good looking. Make it trend honey! Don’t be possessed by expensive things that you even worry, get sick and lavishing because you want to look good. Check for old stuffs and make them new again. Okay???

Now, that outfit you’re looking at is:

Black gown: A non-trendy dress, don’t even have its label on it.

A white turtleneck long arm: Inner top.

A white small scarf: Hair-tie.

A pair of long black warm socks: Serving as a legging.

A pair of black sandals: Foot wear (best on black shoes).

A round-big earring: Earring.

Rio big white glasses: Glasses.

Bangles: On the Hand.

Photographer: My Sweet Mother and my cute girlfriend Kmzy.

It may not be expensive, but it’s classy, warm, decent, sexy, smart, and looks me!!! So, honey try being you and stop giving yourself headaches on what to wear or how to wear it right. Just wear the damn outfit and rock it.

Now, what I’m saying is this old clothes and stuffs can still rock. Dress for fashion and style, dress because you look what you wear, be confident and contented with what you have now and work hard for more okay? Trust me, you are beautiful being you, the outfits, is just to teach others how to be classy and beautiful too. So do that with love not possessiveness.


And hey, don’t forget to be creative and stylishly you!!!

Have a warm and cozy day…
Cindy pinkyCheers!!!


Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.


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