The Streets of Santiago.

Street of Santiago is really an awesome post written by an incredible photographer Omar Z Robles. This fellow is really awesome and his description about shooting in the streets is really an outstanding decision made and this one single act, made me love this post specially, plus the awesome and great dancers and their incredible moves gave me goosebumps. So i decided to re-blog this wonderful article by a wonderful individual Omar Z Robles. I love this post, and i know you guys will find out my reason for saying that. (For those who sees and knows the beauty of streets). Hope you enjoy the ride and don’t forget to hit the comment box and like button if you are truly an awesome individual. Enjoy and a Happy Sunday to you guys, though this against my professional ethic (posting on Sundays).

Omar Z Robles

On August 1, 2017, I arrived in Santiago, Chile. As a Fujifilm X-Photographer Ambassador, I was invited to be guest speaker at the brand’s official launch event in Chile. Once my engagements with the brand concluded, I stayed several days longer to spend time shooting local dancers.

DSCF7666 Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán

One of the questions people ask me frequently is why do I photograph dancers in the streets. Why not the studio or the theatre or nature? Photographing on the streets of Santiago, brought a whole new meaning to that question.

DSCF9050 María Lovero

DSCF3593 Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán

DSCF7881 Katerine Rodríguez & Lucas Alarcón

DSCF5549 Jocelyn Barrios

I photograph on the streets because that is where the history happens. Where the past, present and future collide. Streets witness laughter, victories, defeats. They are the host of our collective memory. The streets are where we become one with the rest, with the…

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