Hey guys, so you want to be creative? And you just do want to be creative, but also stay creative? Then, you’ve got nothing to worry about, Cindy is here to help you out. Today, I will be giving you guys 29 TIPS that I use every day to stay active and creative which helps me give you awesome posts every day. But before that, I want you to know why it’s necessary and important to be creative as an individual, because it makes you more attractive and fun to be with plus you won’t even need other people to make you happy or to stay active. You won’t even feel it when people becomes a snub to you because you are the first thing you need to be happy, which can only be achieved by being/staying creative. Being creative make you an attractive person. See this:  HOW TO BE AN ATTRACTIVE PERSON…

Now, to be/ stay creative just follow this tipsy of mine and tell me the result later. So they are as follows below:


29 Tipsy to Stay and be Creative…

  1. Make a To-Do Lists: Make a list of what you want to-do for the day. Like plans/ schedules for the day such as going out for picnic alone or with friends, going to the market or shopping, going for the game, and lots more worth doing alone like reading, listening to music, watch tele, etc. just do something fun and create new schedules.
  2. Carry a Notebook Everywhere: This will help you put down new ideas, and you can get inspiration anywhere. So carry a very small notebook around for records and for jotting ideas and tips down. Just a little diary is good to go.
  3. Try Free Writing: In this case, just try to write down without thinking deep or try to get to a particular end. Just write freely without thinking. Write what you see…what you feel… just let the hand do the writing not the head, that’s how to write freely.
  4. Get Away from Screen: If you want to be creative stay away from screens. Don’t be addicted to your computer, to the television and to anything that has to do with screens. Learn to have fun and be fun without seeing a screen.
  5. Take Breaks: Learn to have breaks, give yourself breaks from work, life, or anything that disturbs your ‘Me-Time’. What I’m saying is that you should try having time for yourself. Just your me-time for yourself to have fun and try new things. Go for vacations, picnics, and have fun like crazy…
  6. Quit Beating Yourself Up: Stop making life hard for yourself by trying to compete with other people, instead work on improving yourself and finding the best version of yourself. Stop being a copy-cat and be creative.
  7. Shower Sing: Try singing in the shower, basically, yes. Try to do that, it helps reduce stress and thinking. It equally helps you enjoy the ride in the bathroom or bathtub, because from singing in the shower you can get inspirations, new ideas, be motivated either by the song you’re singing. Try doing it, but don’t be too loud. <winks*>
  8. Drink Coffee: Take coffee to stay active in order for you to be creative. Remember, to be creative you’ve got to be active!
  9. Listen to New Music: Just like me, I’m music freak though I’m a bit off from the recent music, but music keeps me rocking. So, I think you should try listening to music (if don’t like music), and listen to new music (if you are a music freak like me). It gets you inspired and it’s a new platform to stay creative.
  10. Try to be a Free Type: Be open. Learn to be open if you’re a closed-locked up person, because no one would know your value if you don’t share. Being open doesn’t mean you should be loud, it means getting along with people, try and learn to meet new people and get new knowledge.
  11. Be in the Team of Creative Minds: Surround yourself with creative people, because we get influenced by those around us either negative or positive. So you’ve got to learn from the thinkers, join the creative zone for you to a creator (i.e. if you want to be creative).
  12. Get Feedback: Learn to listen to others during a meeting and a conversation. Pay close attention to their responses in a particular discussion or conversations (for creative thinkers). you can get new things from there too.
  13. Collaborate: Learn to work together with others. Join forces and get together with others especially with people on the same chase as you. Teamwork helps creativity. Learn and try teamwork often. Don’t make it a habit to be alone (no man is an island).
  14. Don’t Give Up: Never quit. Creative thinkers and minds don’t give up. For me I always take a long break when it gets hard, but I never quit. In my breaks, I don’t just play around, I do more learning but free learning. I allow mother nature to teach me new things. So you should try it out too, it works Trust me. Even after a great fall, don’t give up.
  15. Practice: Put into acts what you learn in order to get used to it, in order not to forget. Keep practicing, go for adventures (i.e. practice things you’ve never don’t before).
  16. Make Mistakes: Allow yourself to make mistake, avoid being too careful. You learn from your mistakes which we call experiences, and if you don’t make them, you won’t be sure of what it’s like to fall and rise again.
  17. Go for an Adventure: Go to somewhere new. Travel, see new places, don’t stay/be locked up in a particular spot. Have fun and stay creative on the road too.
  18. Count Your Blessings: Learn to count your blessing, don’t be an ungrateful brat. Stay hopeful and thankful living a grateful life, by trying to see good in every ugly situation. Learn to see good in people, situations. Be positive always.
  19. Rest: Get lots of rests. Who says you can’t rest or that you are not creative while resting? Learn to rest a lot in order not to break down. Take a hot/ cold bath, wear freely outfit and go for a walk or just lie down to rest even when you are not sleepy. Try and learn to relax more to keep the mind active and a break to the brain too.
  20. Break The Rules: Try to go against your rules once in a while. See what happens when the undoable is done. Go for the left sometimes too. But be careful not to break a bone.
  21. Be a Risk Taker: Learn to leave your friend and comfort zones sometimes for something new.
  22. Read New Things: Try to learn new things by reading new things like magazines, a page of a dictionary, or anything worth reading for new and fresh knowledge.
  23. Don’t Force It: Learn to allow things grow, don’t always force it. Let flow…
  24. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect. Learn to be your own version of you… don’t live to impress but live to express.
  25. Write down ideas, don’t just say it. Put it down in record.
  26. Create a framework; that’s what you want to do. Create them, plan them, and do them.
  27. Clean your place of work and tidy up things for neat environment and easy refreshment and enlightenment for the brain.
  28. Finish up whatever you started. Finish up something; make sure you do!!!
  29. Have fun; do crazy stuffs. Try out new things.


Be a Creative Thinker and Stay Creative Creating It Yourself!!!

Don’t forget to say your mind and don’t bite your tongue… Stay Creative!!!

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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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