Hi guys, I have a question to ask the men before I help them with the surefire methods on how to keep your marriage and your relationship by keeping that beautiful and wonderfully made lady God gave you… First of all, my question is; do you want your name to be branded in her heart? Do you want to keep her for real? Do you love her so much and don’t want to share her with another man? Do you want her to see and recognize only you among the rest? And not being stolen or taken by a better man? Then you’ve got be the best for her, because no lady would leave the best for the rest. Now, below are the:

15 Surefire Tipsy on How to Keep Your Lady…

  • Give Her 100 Percent of Your Attention: Giving her your maximum attention means putting her as your third priority, that is after God, family then her. Yes, even before money, work and friends she has to come first after the first two priorities. Then spend lots of time with her, call her up, chat her up including online through social media or else someone else will do that for you, because when you give her your full attention then there’s no time or need for her to seek for attention elsewhere. Play with her and always make her laugh by cracking jokes with her.
  • Be a Good Listener: Don’t do anything irrelevant like; pressing your phone, reading magazines, watching tele- even though you were watching tele or doing all these things before she started talking to you, once she’s talking to you stop doing anything whenever she is talking to you. Just give her your listening ears by looking into her eyes; this will give her comfort and confidence to speak up to you about her problems, fears, weaknesses and even everything. Always listen to her whenever she talks to you whether Important or not, whether she’s nagging or not. Just listen to her!
  • Be a Man of Your Words: This means that you should never say what you are not sure of, don’t promise her when you are not up to the task or when you can’t keep those promises, that will break the trust of your marriage and relationship. I advise you not to promise when you don’t mean it. Don’t say things you don’t mean to her, be sure of what you are saying. Build up the trust of your marriage and relationship by being a man of your words.
  • Be a Giver: Yes! You’ve got to be a giver whether to your lady or not, this makes you a man of value. Now, don’t be stingy to your lady. Avoid using the word I don’t have more than have it, take it, I got something for you, and what do you want. Yes, learn to always ask your woman what she wants or else someone who is more interested to know will ask and trust me, that’s sure a bad end. Spoil her with gifts, but let her know when you don’t have. Just don’t make it a tradition to always say “I don’t have”.
  • Be a Caring Man: A caring man is someone who sees his lady’s’ tears in her fake up smiles. He is a man who sees his lady’s’ pains and weaknesses behind those high shoulders of her when everyone else sees just her proud looks. Be a caring man by showing concern when she’s sad, in pains and when in troubles. Be her light in her dark days, be a friend, a brother, a father and even a mother and a sister to her when you are alone with her, and always be her man. Encourage her, help her go after her dreams. It’s not just about the money, it about love.
  • Always Compliment Her: Reminder she is beautiful every day, confess your love for her every day. Yes, every day, in fact, every time because love isn’t just a noun but also a verb; which is an action doing word. Prove your love every day to her by giving her gifts, time, even pray for her. Yes, you should, in fact you must. It is a necessity, in order to allow God mud, her to the woman you need in your life.


  • Teach and Train Her into Your Ideal Woman: Be a teacher and a trainer, oh! And also be a patient man, because she definitely won’t understand you always. Scold and correct her in private when she does something bad, but defend and fight for her in public even when she is at fault. Yes, it’s a mark of love and respect and it gives a sense of security when she’s with you. Spoil her with love and gifts, but don’t let her get used to it. Always surprise her by kissing her when with friends, sweep off her legs when she asks for a hug, don’t just give her a hug, give her butterflies… pet her, scold her, spoil her, but don’t make it a habit. Yes, or else you lose her the day you stop doing those things. But make sure to study her in order to know the right time to play each role.
  • Make Her a Part of You: Treat her the way you want her to treat you by loving her family and by showing respect for them. Call anything that is hers yours.
  • Appreciate Her: Be a man of appreciation by appreciating her little-little efforts. Show appreciation by getting her gifts, going out on a date with her, doing those things she like or want, and by surprising her as well.
  • Make Her Your Mother: What I mean here is that you should seek for her opinion, suggestions and advises. Let her know that she means more than a wife or a girlfriend to you. Always ask for her opinion before making or taking any decision. Yes, she has the right to contribute and say anything but you are the man here so you make the final decision and try to convince her if she’s against your final decisions. Take note! A woman is meant to rule with a man by his side not under him or above him.
  • Show Her Respect: Respect her by supporting her in her decisions and dreams or career. Respect her feelings, especially in public. Don’t force her into things instead convince her to see reasons with you, and never use your strength on her or force her to do things against her will. And do not take her for granted. Never cheat on her, instead make it clear that you don’t want this or that but never cheat on her even when she cheats on you, that makes you a nobleman.
  • Play with her, especially with her hair, her hands and tickle her.
  • Kiss her always on her forehead, cheeks, and neck because this passes a good message to her. And you can also give her a deep kiss anytime, anywhere especially when with friends, this tells that you are 100% hers. And besides who say kissing your lady has to be done occasionally or once in a blue moon? I advise you to play that part and pay attention to that role very well, or else a good Samaritan will help you with that… and hey, this will definitely make her want more time spent with you.
  • Make her the only person you see when with friends at a party, in a shopping mall, and in the public this is also a way to show “I am in love with you and alone you I see…”.
  • This few tipsy will sure help you keep your lady trust me, because we ladies are not some project or a homework you work on or a booty call you call on when needed. We are tough, strong yet soft and to get the best you have to put in your best. Treat your lady well and your daughters will thank you later… <wink*>

Happy Reading!!!cindy

Treat her right and she will never leave you, if it’s meant to be…

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