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Hey guys, it chilly over here because it’s raining… Oh! It’s Friday too, got to be fun yeah… today, let’s discus improving ourselves by being more attractive; whether male or female. You’ve got to be attractive as an individual in order to mingle with others, in order not to be an outcast, you’ve got to be attractive in order to be loved and to love. Nobody would like to get involved with some unattractive things, or mingle with unattractive people, that’s why I present to you the:


#1 Smile: smiles can be a weapon or a remedy, but it depends on the other person who receives it… A smile says lots of things and attracts others to you, because no one would want to talk to a frowny, but they will all want to associate with you because your face says “It’s okay. Cheer up!!!”. It also creates a sense of safety and love to those around you. Smile is important for the Ladies, if really you want to get that man to look at you, you’ve got to invite him with your greatest weapon; your smile.

#2 Smell Nice or Don’t Smell at All: Now, it’s okay if you are a type that doesn’t like body sprays and perfumes. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all you have to smell good, it means you should always be clean and neat. When you are clean you smell good or you don’t smell at all which means you are not dirty.


#3 Dress for Style and Respect, not for Attention: This means you should dress decent and simple yet glamorously, that earns you respect and good reputations. Never dress for attention, by exposing your boobs and you’re a*s(Ladies), it will only give people the wrong ideas especially to the opposite sex and generally says “She is cheap”. Never dress for attention by dressing in saggy and flashy things just to entice a girl (Men), it will only give wrong impressions of being childish and not manly. Always dress cooperate, decent and simple yet glamorously… check out for more on #DRESS CODE#

#4 Know What’s Going on Around You and Have an Opinion About it: It’s makes you interesting and fun to be with because you know more and certainly will add value to others who comes around you, thereby making you awesome and more attractive. Always have a say in matters that revolves around you, in your society and in the world.

#5 Have Hobbies That Doesn’t Involve a Screen: Don’t be a film freak, a Tele lover, a game freak only. Get at least three hobbies that doesn’t involve a screen, like shopping, traveling, and lots more… try not to create your fun zone only on a screen. Do things that other people would love to do with you in order to keep the fun going that way no one will ever be bored, sad and scared around you; making you incredibly attractive…

#6 Speak Kindly of Those Around You and of Yourself Too: Be someone who speaks good about others. Be that person who tries to see only the goodness and greatness in others and not an Idiot who sees just the flaws and weakness of others, because that won’t gain you any point at all instead, it makes people go away from you… always speak good of yourself, build a high self-esteem around you and in other people’s lives too. Be a healer through your words not a killer! This will drive people crazy because it will make you awesomely attractive to others.

#7 Make Time for Your Friends and Those Who Needs You: Be a great time manager, because making out time for others involves sacrifices which shows love… Always make time for your loved ones, friends, for children, for the elderly and for those who need a friend. This alone could drive people nuts about you because you are attracted to the important peoples in life.

#8 Get an Education: Getting an education is important too, so that you can be able to impact more knowledge on the people around you. This will help you a lot for you to help others too, you will be intellectual and outstanding when you do things, because you got the second ingredients to being attractive. Besides no one would want to mingle with a dummy or someone who is not useful to the environment. So get an education or save up for one.

#9 Always Say Thank You and Return Favors: Make it a habit to appreciate others and be specific when you do that, for instance, thank you for the ride, thank you for the dinner, thank you for coming etc. Don’t just say thank you, because it will leave most people in puzzles and they may never find you attractive but as a problem, which is very bad. Also always try to return favors, don’t be a debtor. Like me, I hate being indebted to people, it makes me sick. So why always being the one favored when you don’t have the thoughts of helping others?

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Being attractive is fun and worth all the stress because there’s this great feeling of being loved and in love when people find you attractive and are attracted to you… So make it a lifestyle to be attractive, not just a duty!




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Be The Attractive You!!!


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