Hello people, today I am writing to all the wonderful ladies out there, single, dating, engaged, married (tell your girls). I want you to read carefully though you might have more knowledge and experiences than I do, concerning what I’m about to say to all of us, I would love it if you could contribute as well, because I am just a girl and I really don’t know it all… so your contributions are highly acceptable (including from the gentlemen) as well. Now this is a letter from me to every girl, lady, woman, anything you call yourself as long as you are a female being…


Dear Ladies,

So sorry that life has been tough, hard, and difficult even though it’s not like that for some other people. I want to give you my thoughts on the question you might be asking yourself concerning the man you want to marry, you want to get engaged with, you want to date and build a relationship with. The first thing I would like to ask you is this: Does he call you always and does he check up on you regularly? Do you think that his excuses for not calling and checking up is because he is busy? Did he say so? And do you believe that? You have been dating him for years, has it been going on like this for long? You said he loves you, you tell everyone that, at least that what you thought. And I don’t understand that either… Now listen to me honey, when a man found something that he truly desire, his faculties helps him get it because whatever matters to a man has his attention. When he is not willing to make sacrifices for the love he professes but always quick to make excuses, I doubt he loves you at all… A man must be in love with both your essence and your presences before he is given a license at all and before you grant him this license forever.


If he doesn’t support you financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and all he could do is complain, then let him go… You have to know your worth. If you don’t recognize the fact that your love will only be priceless to someone who recognize your worth, then you too have not recognized your worth. Go for someone who loves you, adores you, respects you, who pays attention to you, understands you better than everyone else, and above all supports you financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically etc… Go for a man who can be a lover, a husband, a friend, a brother, a father, a prayer warrior too… Yes! He’s got to know how to play those roles before you give him a lifetime permission into your life.



He is very much an extrovert when he gets a new toy (because that’s what he takes you for) or when premiership begins, but when he’s with you he says he is shy; he is an introvert; he is withdraw, that’s bulsh*t! Dear Ladies, before you give any man the approval to draw value from you, he much recognizes your value before that permission is granted to him. You are a jewel of inestimable value. You are priceless so is your love, so don’t give it away easily, because Jewels are hidden for a reason – only those who truly desire them, finds them not just anybody. So act like the jewel that you are, and stop slacking off even though good men are hard to find. I know that too… but, trust me dear, a woman who embraces her essence and presence, and radiates confidently with a beauty that’s from within, will eventually be found by a man who truly deserve her.

You Deserve a Good Man. Stop Dating a Project! I love you and today, I want you to know that you will not just get married, you will be HAPPILY MARRIED!!!



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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

14 thoughts on “BE YOUR FATHERS’ DAUGHTER.

    1. As a man when you truly love a woman. You love everything about her, you can’t stay a minute without thinking of her, and you will equally love her for who she is.


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