Hey guys, today I’m here to share with you my little knowledge about eggplants or garden egg (as known by most Nigerians). Eggplant is really one of the most nutritious fruit cultivated in Nigeria where I come from. From my place which in the Eastern part of Nigeria, eggplant is one of the well-recognized and respected fruit for receiving visitors and for most of the celebrations like traditional marriage, funeral burials and other little occasion like kinsmen meetings and child naming ceremonies, it serves a great purpose because it is one of the special fruits for receiving visitors and also essential to the health. It also serves a greater purpose for consumption like for cooking, eating and for other purpose according to personal choice. Eggplant is also a diet for sick patients, in fact, it’s for everyone and anyone.

My family likes it so much especially my papa, that’s why when mama goes to the market she could buy the whole market, she could say, “it’s important and better than all the junks you are feeding on”. I know she is right but, I can’t quit eating junky but not excessive though. <Winks*>

So one day, mama came home with almost all the market with eggplants everywhere… and my friends screamed, they were like what are these for? Is there a celebration? and then I left them with half of the basket. They asked why my family and I love the eggplant so much that was when I had to make them sit, just like you are sitting now. Then, I decided to share my knowledge about the fruit with them just like I’m doing with you guys right now. <#Smiles…>

Eggplant leaf (Solanum melongena) is a hairy upright herb native to southeastern Asia but widely cultivated for its large glossy edible fruit(Eggplant) commonly used as vegetables; eggplant an unusual kind of fruit, which is used for preparation of stew among the Southwest part of Yoruba in Nigeria where It is called Igba.

Eggplant leaf, locally known as akwukwo ayara in the Eastern part of Igbo and efo in the Southwestern part of Nigeria is used in the preparation of vegetable stews, yam dishes, and also used in preparation of Abacha (African salad) and lots more according to choice.

Eggplants are not only nutritional also significant to the health benefits as the tree that bearers them. Below are the benefits you should know about eggplants.

These Are Few Health benefits of Eggplants and Its Leaf:

  • Cardiac and Lose Weight: Eggplants helps positively with cardiac problems because of its high rate of potassium, which is a necessary salt that helps to maintain the function of the heart by regulating its blood pressure. It is also a great diet for weight reduction in a more successful way.
  • Glaucoma: This is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision; sometimes progresses to blindness. Eggplants on the other hand, helps in reducing eye pressure in persons with glaucoma without any side effects even when consumed in an excessive manner.
  • Ulcer: It’s an internal mucous surface as a result to necrosis of tissue. Eggplants is a good ulcer diet for the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  • Digestion: Eggplants are good for easy digestion after a meal, because it’s good at reducing blood cholesterol.
  • Vitamins: Eggplants have a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism called Vitamins which is essential and necessary for pregnant women, because they need more of vitamins and minerals which are all available in eggplant leaves and its fruits(vegetables). It also provides the body with fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins, that are rich in Thiamin (Vitamin B6) which is required for normal growth and proper functioning of the heart and nervous system.
  • Anemia: It’s a deficiency of the red blood cells and lack of vitality. Eggplants leaves serve as a natural blood tonic in anemic patient, and also good for a sickle cell patient because it’s natural blood tonic and doesn’t contain iron.
  • Eggplant leaves:  Its leaves are good for women because provides micro nutrients which help in improving blood level after menstruation periods.
  • Cancer: This is a malignant neoplastic disease, and eggplant is one of the anti-cancer fruit which has been helping for over decades now.
  •  Eggplant strengthen capillaries by providing the blood clots with vitamin K and bioflavonoids.
  • Blood Pressure(BP): Eggplants helps in the control of high blood pressure and relieves stress.


Live Well – Stay Healthy.


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