Hey there, why live a life of lies? Why pretending to be fine when all you want to do is cry? Why lie to that girl/boy just to fit in into his page, when you just want to be loved for who you are? Why pretending to understand when you have many questions to ask? Honestly, I think that’s crazy and bad, because I have been there and I know what it feels like to be the one doing all the things you really want others to do for you too. It’s not a bad thing if you wish and want someone to love you too, it’s not a bad thing to teach others how to love you, treat you, and so on, be you and stop faking it. Today I want you to be YOUR OWN KIND of person, don’t live that precious life of yours in lies, faking up your love, feelings, personalities, attitudes, and so on all in the name of being nice. I keep telling people that I am not nice but kind, I am kind not nice. so quit that fake attitude, smile, love. Quit being that fake person you are all in the name of love. All in the name to maintain peace because there will be no peace where the foundation is based on lies.


I want you to know that being your own kind of person, may not get you many friends but for sure it will get you the loyal ones, because two things we don’t fight in life are; true friends and true love. You should love and lead a life based on the foundation of truth, because God himself encouraged love, but He also made it clear, that it should be sincere, so why all the lies and pretends.

Here is a little juicy story of what happens to most ladies out there, this should also help you to get a bit of what I am saying, and this happens often on social media, because that’s exactly what happens every day in the world out there, especially to most of the beautiful ladies out there. And these are the mistakes ladies often makes at the initial stage of building a relationship…


Let’s say YOU saw him on a Facebook group chat, you checked his profile picture. He was everything you wanted because he drives the recent cars in town, he was handsome, then he inboxes you, you replied with all excitement. Then you wanted to hook up with him, then you set up a date. You got all dressed up in that leggings without no underwear, smelling good, you wore your makeup fresh, breath and a new hair. He takes you out for lunch @ One of the most exotic and expensive hotel. He takes you out for a drink at Java. You two had a good time, he rubs your hand, he made you laugh, he gives you looks and smiles. You on the hand, stupidly fell in love with him (of course that’s what a man who really loves you would do, but not just that. That should just be part of it). Then, it feels like you’ve known him forever, he takes you to his apartment, he makes you feel comfortable and lays you on his bed, kissed you passionately. You loved his aggression, strength, power, and you gave in. It feels good, you know it’s wrong but it feels awesome… you ask for protection, and he said it’s too late. You stupidly obeyed and didn’t disturb. He says he loves you and you didn’t hesitate to say you love him too. He hits it nice and slow, and after that, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water for you. He helps you drink up, ooooh man! You feel special and thought in your head “He must be the one”. You stupidly got dressed and ready to head home, he got a cab for you, and kissed you on the cheeks and said “I had a great time”, gave you some cash (he paid you off without you knowing that). You smiled and said “See you tomorrow babe”, (He should be your man not your baby). But he stayed silent, then the cab man drove off… In the cab, you couldn’t help thinking about him with that cute smile on your cheeks, (because you are in love. and that’s normal when you’re in love but, with the right person).


   You got home and inbox him that you’ve got home safe, but the attitude changed because he is online, but didn’t reply. It’s unlike him so you text him again, but still he didn’t reply. Now you noticed the new changes, minutes later you can’t find him on your friend list anymore (now you’re wondering what went wrong? What did I do?). Tada! HE BLOCKED YOU. Days, weeks, months passed and wow! You start feeling sick, weak, lose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth… then you went to see your doctor, got diagnosed, few minutes later the nurse walks up to you and said “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are HIV positive and also few weeks pregnant!” And you shouted HOW??? You don’t understand, because it was just once and with a total stranger of course. Then reality hits you really hard. You walked home in tears and scared, because your eyes are now clear and wide opened to reality… so confused, you got a cab back home. In your room you lay hopeless and emotionless, you saw death coming nearer. You looked into the sky and mumbled a prayer (of course we only remember God in the end when it’s bad), that was the end of you, whereas that jerk is out there living his finished life…


So now, tell me why the rush into a fake life, fake marriage, fake relationship, fake love, fake friends, fake fame and what a LIFE OF LIES you are living because you thought you are left behind? That time is against you? That you are no longer a baby because you are 30 and no man is coming your way? What happened to praying ladies? What happened to be a virtue woman in the book of “Proverbs 31”? why the rush when God is really preparing a better YES for all the NO’s you’ve been getting (ladies and the gentlemen now)? What happened to being friends with a genuine and sincere love our Lord Jesus Christ taught us about? What will happen if you tell him/ her to give you some time to pray, do you think he/she will go away? Sure if they do then it’s sure a divine sign that he/she isn’t the right one for you. People it’s not about perfection but BEING THE RIGHT ONE, it’s not about time but UNDERSTANDING, it’s not about the money but LOVE, it’s all about sacrifice, love, understanding, attention, appreciation, trust, and most importantly, it about fear of God.


Go for someone who loves it YOU! Go for someone who enjoys your madness not for an Idiot who wants to change you to be who you’re not!!!

Don’t be that girl! Ladies, and men don’t be that jerk! Live well. Stop chasing spouses and material things. Ladies be the girl you want your daughter to be, the same goes to the men because you are going to have daughters too!!!



Are You? If yes, then let me know by saying your mind…



Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

7 thoughts on “THE LIES WE LIVE.

    1. I am Kind and not nice, because I live to express and not to Impress. And being nice can be faked up, but you can never fake being kind because it runs in your blood…


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