Set It Free…

Hey there! How is it going? Well, today I want to share a little story with your guys. It’s not really easy to let go, but you’ve got to let go now. The story is about this young lady, who saw through the eye of a needle, she knew what it feels like to be rejected, abandoned, ignored, and waiting became a part of her, but she kept on the smiles with the burden within her, turning her into a hard being. This young lady grew up being her own mother, she started fighting for herself when she was six years.


Now, this young lady was separated from her parent at the age of 6, because she was sick. She had to go because there was a tragic experience the family had. She was a kid but she felt it more than the rest of the family. But no one cared enough to notice that, now she was sent away because of her ailment which crushed her to piece. She was rejected by her family when she needed them the most. She knew not what a motherly love, care, attention was all about, but she understood the little she learnt from other kids’ mothers. She grew up waiting for the family to reach out for her, but guess what guys? They never came, they never called unless called, the never cared. So she grew up being cute, strong, lovely, beautifully and fearful made, because she chooses to lead a good life even when they were many other easier choices. But she also grew hard, tough, and dark for those who never appreciated her for giving what she was never gave. Then, when she was all grown up with a good reputation, her family remembered it was time for her to come home. Though her Dad was the only one who tried to reach out to her, which made her strong and happy even though there were always for a short period of time.


So, she came home thinking things would change, but it never changed and this time it was tougher for her, because she couldn’t get over that particular heart break of being abandoned and yet, not even cared for. So she kept building this wall of her dark side, until she met this wall breaker who broke part of the walls with words that wasn’t even in her dictionary. These words “Set It Free” was all she could remember, because she knew it was time to let go but she was only waiting for a little push to make it happen.


Now, you there I want you to know it’s time to set it free, let it go… Whatever it is, it’s time now my dear. Tomorrow might be late, for you to move on from that heart break, from that pain, from that tears, from that darkness, from whatever it is that turns your dark side on leaving that sweet part of you to turn bitter and sour, because the sweet people around will get tired of waiting for you. A friend of mine, told me that no matter how much a person loves and care about you, once you don’t reciprocate it, it dies off, they get tired too. So my dear, don’t stick to the past, because the best part of the past is that, it becomes an experience and a lesson to the present and a gift to the future.

If this young lady could move on, so could you, and I know you can do that because you might as well be waiting for a little push just like her. And I hope this gives you as much as the little push you needed… Set it free and enjoy yourself, love yourself so that others will do so too. You don’t have to kill yourself because life was/is hard on you. Trust me, I know, I have been there… I want you to know you can do it just like that young lady.

I want you to Listen to This Too….  It could help too. Music and time really helps in healing fast.


 Live, Learn, Love…


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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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