Dress Codes

Hey guys, how’re you all doing? Today, I felt like taking photo shots and  talking about my outfits… Yeah! I love what I wear. I’m a kinda of person who dress for fashion and style not for attention. Though sometimes, people looks at you like you’ve gone crazy and with the attitude of what’s she wear, while others admires you. Today, I want to talk about ‘Dress Codes’.


I want to talk about this because nowadays, celebrities and people dress stupidly, crazy, and even naked whereas, they are putting on a cloth. Most people in the world today dress indecently, haggard, seductively and stupidly. Yes! I call it stupid because no one in a right state of mind would want to bring themselves so low all in the name of dressing in trends, because a good reputation is worth more than the trendy outfits. Especially the female celebrities, they dress in such a way that makes me disregard most of them. And that’s why I am no fan of them, because they’ve got nothing good to impact to my life with such presentation .i.e. their dressing codes.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a celebrity because back then, when a celebrity wants to make a presentation, you will see the ladies in a ball gowns, a cooperate suit and even a well body-covered attires that only they dressing alone, makes me trip for them, make me want to be like them. The men would dress in a cooperate suit, shirt and a pair of well made trousers, with a clean haircuts. Only seeing them on Tv, would make me admire them. But nowadays, most of the celebrities are the ones that dress even worse than the common people, they dress in a way that makes me disregard them and i loose interest in being their fans. They should be a role model to people out there, to their fans. They should work on their reputations by striving to lead good lives and legacy, instead of chasing after fame, popularity, riches not even wealth, and the rest irrelevant things they are doing.


I want you guys to know:  Dressing code should be for fashion, to express, to change someone who gets it all mixed up or wrongly, to maintain our reputations, and lots more. And should never be to impress, for attention, to rob your reputation to the mud. Never dress because it’s in trends.

As a Lady:  Dress for fashion and style not for attention.

Dress to change those who get it wrong.

Dress to express.

Dress for fun, enjoy what you wear, feel free in them.

Dress because you love what you wear.

As a Man:   Dress for respect.

Dress to impress your lady if married, and if single dress to lead a good personality.

Always dress clean and let your dress tell people that you’re indeed a gentleman.


  • Dress for styles and fashion not for attention.
  • Dress decent, Your dressing tells who you are.i.e. your personality.
  • Your dressing tells people how to address you.
  • Dress because you love what you wear not because it’s trending.
  • Dress for Respect; don’t dress like a tout or an harlot because it’s in trending.


  • Dress clean and sweet… You dressing says what your attitude is like.
  • Your dressing attracts people to you .i.e. people of the same personalities and other reasonable personnel.
  • Dress for fun. Enjoy what you wear.
  • Dress to change people, to lead them to the right path and not to lour them into negative aspect of dressing.


What is your dressing code? I would like to know because I care about us…

Don’t Forget to Leave your comment on your Why you dress, whether to impress or express. You can tell me more about your challenges in dressing, I might be of help… I’m waiting…

Your Dressing Could Change Someone.

Dress Decent!!!

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