Sia’s Songs Keeps Me Moving…


Good day wonderful people, hope you guys are living that life of yours graciously. Keep that smiles and let’s keep moving. Currently listening to ‘To Be Human’ by Sia ft Labrinth, and I came to understand that the important words are not easy to say and that’s why we’ve got music.


This song motivates and encourages me not to give up on people no matter what. Just like the bible says “Make it your duty to please others before yourself”, and it goes hand-in-hand with this song. Though it’s not a gospel music but, on the positive side it works for me, especially when people steps on you because of your innocent nature, don’t give up!!!


Sia and Labrinth did a great job, ‘cause this song comforts me when I get angry with people, it tells me not to give up on them, but to win them over with the beauty in me, just like everyone else, you’ve got this beauty too, you just have to find it and let it out… Remember the bible also said “Defeat evil with good, pay evil with goodness”. So, I want you to do the same just like I, that’s one of the way I get to make myself proud, because evil can’t defeat or change me either.


Check out  You can also check out Sia’s songs like Summer rain, Unstoppable,Broken glasses, Big girls cry, Move your body and lots more, because I love her songs, they motivate me to keep going every day, for there’s no reason to give up even though they are thousands of them around me. So guys, why don’t you check out for other songs too, because music is also a food for the soul which depends on how you understand them.


Songs like Sia’s can make you work beyond your schedules, because it sounds realistic, energetic, and makes you want to dance too…  Click to Listen 

Good songs with awesome lyrics can also make you standout, so keep listening to good musics, read and learn they lyrics that can help you too…



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