Hurray!!! I’m +1 today guys. I am the birthday girl… Today is really an important day for me, not just because it’s my born-day but also the last the of the month July. I am so happy of course, who wouldn’t be… I’m going to say a little about this BIRTHDAY GIRL (Me!!!).


I am Miss. Okafor Chiagoziem Cynthia, a Leo born (Zodiacally). I was born today, but in the 1990’s… You almost freaked out right? Because I said 1990’s? Well, that’s true but I’m still in my 20’s of course, I’m not old. I’m still a youngster. So, this birthday girl (Me!!!) is still a student living with her awesome family of five. An Invisible, awesome and wonderful creator she calls Father (Almighty God), a handsome God fearing man as her Dad (My Hero), a wonderful and incredible woman she calls Mum (My Pride), a beautiful and awesome girl (Me!!!) and a special baby niece (My Angel).


She’s just a simple lady with big dreams of the impossibilities that really says “I’m Possible”. She never gives up and everything her zodiac says about Leo’s are true about her. She doesn’t beg, she asks and it’s granted to her. She isn’t moved by your compliments and it isn’t her fault that she’s born a Leo. She is simply a Lioness (Zodiacally).


She hasn’t completed anything in life, but has accomplished a lot with the help of her Father (Almighty God), by being herself. Fighting her battles with her head up above her shoulders, with a sexy smiles of confidence, with character all over her. She respects herself because she was a better person today because of her innocent heart and a cheerful smile that lights up the whole place whenever she comes around. It wasn’t easy but she stood her ground and fought like a warrior that she is. She is a prayer warrior, not because she learnt it. But was born with it, it runs in the family.


She’s tall and loves doing everything that is worth doing. She loves with her heart once being loved back, but loses interest when you play smart, because she loves it naturally without being calculative. It’s called cheating in her world and when you play smart with her, you lose. She loves being loved, spoilt, and adored, because she reciprocates whatever you do for her.


She hates lies, fake friends, imposters and proud fellows. She loves whatever that pleases God, and hate whatever that displeases God.


Guys, don’t let people whose blood can’t wash away your sins judge you, because they will only end up making you enemies with God by making you do things you don’t really want to do and saying all sort things in anger. You should learn how to rock your day with and without others opinion.


I am not perfect but I am ME anytime, every day and everywhere. You’ve got to be YOU anytime, every day and everywhere, because that the true and only source of your strength, joy, love and happiness with God as your guide. I want you guys to be happy for you and I, because it’s my day and the last day of the month July, the beginning of your success and freedom.


I want you to know that birthdays aren’t just about you but also about those around you, how you treat them matters a lot because it tells everything about WHO YOU ARE.

I also want to wish all those whose birthday falls into today.

I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Age with grace as you guys grow toothless!!!

I Love You Guys…Be Safe!!!



Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

4 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY GIRL

  1. Many more happy result cindy……I see a star, a legend, one who will leave a standing mark in her generation…and am happy to be associated with you even though for a short time…Keep soaring…the sky is your starting point.

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