Hey good people! How’re you guys doing? Today, I’m here for all the beautiful ladies in the world wide, far and near. So sorry for all the handsome men, because today I want to have a little chit-chat with the wonderful ladies out there. I want those who are living their lives recklessly to know that it doesn’t pay, I want those that are settling for less to know that there is more out there which life could offer them, only if the step-up to the standard they ought to be, I want those pretty ladies who thinks it doesn’t matter to know that matter and unless the snap out from that kind of lifestyle and mentality, it’s not going to go well for them. I want all the beautiful ladies to know that God made them with love and won’t take less for best from us.

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First of all, as a lady the first questions you should always ask yourself is this: What do I want? Am I doing the right thing? Who am I really? Who do people say I am? You should always know that life is a series and don’t need to be rushed for anything. You should always remember that in every lady there lies a sleeping queen waiting to be waked, so honey don’t settle for the less or take no for an answer. Never give up!!!



  • Don’t be in a hurry to move out of your parents’ house, that could lead you to making a lifetime mistake, thereby, living in regrets for life.
  • Don’t give a man the power to say “you wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me”. You can live a fulfilled life as a single woman, don’t wait for a man before you start living.


  • Stay away from alcohol; it has killed others and you are not special.
  • Always take breakfast and avoid junk foods. Develop a healthy eating habit.
  • Don’t entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. It’s not the right way to find a true lover.

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  • Dress well and decent: Impression count, confidence and character works together. People will address and judge you by the way you dress, even before they talk to you.


  • Sex is no proof of love; he’ll leave after the sex. Don’t use sex as proof of love.
  • Don’t be fooled when a man solves all your problems for you, it will only make you a burden to him. So add value to yourself by getting a career, a job. Be a source solution and not a burden.


  • Never go into marriage because of money no matter how poor and desperate you are, else you’ll become one of the possessions owned by a man.


  • Beauty is not everything, just like money is just a defense for humans not everything. Therefore, if it is all you have, you’ll lose your place to someone more beautiful, better,  more matured and competent than you. Be more of an independent lady with confidence and character, than just a beautiful lady with figures!



Never Give Up Being a Sexy Lady…

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