The Big “WHY”

'''''Hey wonderful people! How’re you guys doing? Thanks for stopping by today. Today, I want to share what “The Big WHY” is all about. First of all, it’s not all about why you do what you do, why you wear what you wear you wear or eat what you want. It is why do you do what you do?

Now, I ask you What is Your “WHY”? (Why do you do what you do?) We certainly not here in this life to sell shit.


We are here to connect I want you guys to know that life is all about people, advertising is all about illuminating how our products and services will improve people’s lives. And how do we do that? We do that by what I call ‘LTD’ which means;

  • L=Love
  • T=Time
  • D=Death.

Now these three obstructions connect every single human being on Earth. Everything that we covet, everything that we fear not having, everything that we ultimately end up buying is because at the end of the day, we long for LOVE, we wish we had more TIME, and we fear DEATH.

Love, Time, Death. Let’s begin there…


Love: Most of us are scared to love because of getting hurt or being lonely when that person you love leaves you. But the gospel truth is that love is within us, we don’t find love, we express by allowing God’s word and love toil and ignite it within our heart like a fire.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS:      In life, things may not work out for you as you wanted but, always make sure you notice the collateral beauty.


Time: It is true that time flies and we may not finish up with what we intended to do, but believe me that the simple truth is that we only see only the worries, troubles of life and the problems we are passing through instead of expressing love with that little time given to us by God. We mismanage time and later blame it on others, which is a very wrong thing to do both to other person and to yourself, and you will end up losing at all times. So why don’t go out there and show love because you don’t know when death will be knocking on the door. Forget the petty talks and irrelevant stuffs and do what makes you happy!

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS:     I wouldn’t consider the battle with time over just yet.


Death: We all fear death because we don’t know what death simply means. It simply means a time for rest for every living thing on earth. Death is the only means of us going back to our creator without looking back. When you know that death is a favor from God to rescue us from life and all its ups and downs at His own appointed time, then we will know how much selfish we’ve become when we pray for people not to die when it is their time to go home. Death is here to shows the worth of people when they’re gone. So love and appreciate others before it’s too late for that.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS:     The collateral beauty is there always though it may not bring your lost back.

Inspired by the Movie:






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