Hey people, how are you guys doing? Hope you guys are smiling. I want to talk about today being Friday and the last working-day for most people, it’s always free and a less busy day for most people which is why you see “TGIF” meaning “Thank God It’s Friday” on people’s status, because Friday seems to be a great free day for most people even when they’re at work. And the joy of Christmas seasons seems to be on the face because of the weekend break they’re going to have, to spend time with family, friends, and do lots of things to have fun. To most people, Friday is just like the Christmas eve where you wait eagerly and patiently for Christmas to arrive, that’s how most people wait for weekends too.

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Friday is the beginning of weekends which makes it awesome for some people to hang-out, party, go to movies, club (especially the whites), go to the beach, go swimming, and have lots of fun, etc. It is also a day fathers travels back to their lovely wives and children; for those who work far from home. It is a day family members like the children keeps the eyes out in awaiting of daddy and mummy, and the parents wait for their children too.

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For me, every day is Friday because I made them so and I know you too can. We will be discussing that on my next post so don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! *winks… Friday is always a very special and lovely days for most couples, lovers, friends to hang-out, meet together, express their feelings to each others, go out on a date, and most couples like to renew their love on Fridays by going out for dinner, date, relaxation, etc. and friends could go out on picnics, camping, excursion, and even just to go out and spend money just to live life. And why do you think all this happens? It is because there is always this joy, feeling, and happiness that tomorrow is not work and you have all the whole night and weekends to do whatever you want like watch movies, play games, and even for vigil, just like me. While others see Fridays as a preparation day for the next working days, unlike me I see every day as Fridays so, I enjoy my life no matter how stressful the day was, and I hope you too can do that as well.

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Fridays is really a great day to be happy and to have fun for people who earnestly wait upon Fridays, and for those who don’t see Fridays as any big deal, I want you to know that, the fact that you don’t know its value doesn’t mean it’s meaningless.

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Respect the day called Fridays and make it a great day for yourself too and for your workers, especially the bosses and employers, let my people go!

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Happy Friday… Have fun guys!


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