via Daily Prompt: Pluck


Now, let’s bring it closer to ourselves. We often times neglect the little things in our lives which are always the most important and relevant of all, and chase after the irrelevant ones. Everyone I want you to know that you alone is the highest authority in your life and until you understand that, you can never get it right not to talk more of helping others.


I want you to gather up your courage and take the risks that’s “Pluck it!’ as a student, worker, youth, old and young. Make it a habit to “Pluck It” by taking risks; you either learn or you win. Have this mindset that in life you only “LEARN” and not loss! Make it your lifestyle to have this attitude of seeing opportunities in problems, trails and in any ugly situations, that way you can and will be able to “Pluck It!”. 8 STEPS TO ATTITUDE CHANGE.


Also, you can also be a source of motivation for others to be able to “Pluck It”.  You don’t need to be perfect to inspire and motivate others, let people be inspired and motivated by how you deal with your imperfection. We need each other…..

Be that beautiful flower that people will water and pluck!!!


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