Hey guys! Sorry for not keeping up with my posting schedules in the past few days. Been attending to some issues lately, but I’m back now and for good so I hope you can enjoy reading my blog as much as I’m in love with writing them… Hope you guys are smiling! Cause that’s one of the most incredibly reason why I’m blogging too and also the mission of my blog. Wish you happy reading……..

Today, I will like us to discuss the title of today’s post which is one of my aims and objectives of creating my little space on the world wide web. With so much interest, I want to talk about it because lately, I found out that most of us don’t really know how to say ‘No’. It may sound funny but it’s a fact! Why? This I because we try to be too nice when it’s not even necessary! It’s a good manner to be polite, but being nice by saying yes always only hurts you. And really who wants to get hurt? I don’t want to! Don’t know about you. So this is why you need to be bold enough to go against the crowd by practicing to say ‘No’. Say it often, say it to your friends, say it while alone…. Saying ‘No’ has an irony of attracting more people to you. It earns you respect.


These are few tips to teach you how to say ‘NO!’  You might also like“HOW TO BE ME” (Who are you?)”. and It’s Okay To Be Different. And so much more….

√ When you make it easy for friends and people to control your life, they’ll continue to do so. But when you say ‘No! ‘ you gain self-respect and protect yourself from getting hurt.

√ You must place high value on your time, priorities an commitments and let your friends know it.

√ When a friend comes around to ask you to do something outside your priorities or goals, you to tell them, “I simply cannot do it.” Show them, by being firm, that your time is well guarded.

√ Shun every form of peer fear, shyness and the every fear of criticisms.

√ Prepare yourself long enough before every trying moments. Be ready and prepared always.

√ It’s important to know ahead of the situation what you’re going to say to someone who wants you to view porn sites, smoke pot, drink alcohol, or have sex. Have a ready answer for each situation.

√ Be YOU at all time. Don’t try to change for someone by trying to make someone who wants to leave to stay. Be you and the right people will come to stay in your life, for who you truly are.

√ Mind you being nice is not being kind! Don’t get twisted.

√ In saying ‘No’ you don’t sound apologetic. If you must say ‘No’ be bold and firm!

√ Take decision and stick to it by taking responsibilities.


They are also people in the bible which you can look up to as role models for they boldness to go against the crowd. Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean they had to do it or that you should do it as well. Remember in the Bible, see ‘Genesis 39: 10’, Joseph had courage to say”NO” to his employer’s wife, because of his integrity and fear for God. Daniel too, in the book of ‘Daniel 1: 8’, he proposed in his heart and declared to all” I will not eat the food or drink from the king’s table”. Why? It’s because this young man fears God too, and he protected his self-respect too. And lots of them..

Practice saying”NO”. Practice, practice, practice they say makes perfect! Say it often. Say it to your friends. Say it while alone too…. Saying”No” in addition, ironically attracts more people to you, It earns you respect and protects your dignity. Saying yes always presents you as a weakling. Who wants a weakling for a friend? Who believes in a weakling?


Self-respect and integrity is priceless, be careful not to sell yours out because of FEAR of criticisms. Learn to say ‘No’ boldly and firmly! Don’t say”I’m sorry but….” Apologizing weakens its strength.


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