The Weekend


Hi Guys, today I want to talk about my weekend. It was hectic but awesome. It was also Children’s Day ( Nigeria), and guess what the kids were so happy and it was so much fun. But I found out something special today, they smile, and sense of humor. The kids prepared so much for today, and they made out time for each their friends and for themselves. Now how many of us make out time for ourselves? You think it’s not necessary? Well, my dear, it is really important for you. You make yourself happy and get to meet more people, you learn when you mingle and mix up with others. Β You get to bring out the real you.

Here’s my little advice to you, make yourself happy, take yourself out. Sometimes, we need to learn from the kids, they are always them-self. Make time for yourself, like on weekends. Just like me, today, I hanged out with friends, I got to laugh out so loud, and freed myself from worries, life and whatever that occupied my mind. Now that’s what IΒ call “Weekend”. Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, a fun day, a stress-free day, a day to express love and be with families. Now here’s a question for you. What is your weekend for you?




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