“HOW TO BE ME” (Who are you?)”.


Hello guys, we will be discussing “Who we are? How to be Who we are meant to be?” First of all, I want you to answer this question, Who Are You? Most of us see this question as nothing. But today, I want you to know that this question is powerful and that whatever we give as an answer to it matters a lot. Even in our daily activities, we come across this question at the office, school, church, home, and even on the streets and in the market to.

The question “Who are you?” has a great impact on us. For instance, If I’m to meet you today and I ask you this question “Who Are You?” what would be your responses? Most of us would say “I am Miss/Mrs/Mr this and that from here and there, but that’s not what i’m saying. Of course the responses is correct in the circular world, but what about in your own private world. Who do people say you are? and Who do you as an individual say you are? It is true that people’s opinion doesn’t matter at all, but it’s also true that with the critics of others we will know who we are truly.

Now this brings us to the second part of “Who Are You?” which is “How To Be Me”. How to be ME, are just guidelines to be a better version of yourself through your Lifestyle, Characters, Attitudes, and Personalities, etc. This few guidelines will assist you to be a Total Quality People (TQP), which simply means people with character, integrity, good value, and positive attitude.

  1. Positive Attitude:  Comprises having the Nine (9) fruits of the holy-spirit in (Gal 5: 22 & 23)
  2. Good Value: This is being an instrument for God in your life, mood, speech, dressing, and everything about you.
  3. Integrity: This is being loyal and honest, being trustworthy, etc.
  4. Character: Is just like your reflection in a mirror or your shadow.

I hope this little contribution of mine helps you find WHO YOU TRULY ARE… and develop the best version of yourself.



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I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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