We need each other…..


I’ve been doing some thinking and I find out that, even the bad guys are relevant to the world, in our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, but come to think of it. We need the bad guys to find out the best version of ourselves, to improve in being the good guys….

Not everyone has to be the good guy. Why? The world needs each other to feel relevant. Check this out….. Without the bad guy, the good guy is nothing and without the good guy, the bad guy is useless…..

So why don’t you embrace yourself and chase after been the best version of yourself, rather than feel sorry for being who God want you to be. Go out there and work out the REAL you!


Published by Cindy

I'M CYNTHIA A Poet, Blogger, Social media marketer and Photographer dedicated to Inspire and Motivate you through the journey of life.

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