Cetworks is a weblog where you get to ask, learn and talk about lifestyle, spirituality, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, poetry, my books, foods, relationships, motherhood, goals, people, talents, love, and lots more. To build, inspire, and motivate yourself every day in order to achieve your goals and be a better you today than you were yesterday.


Cetworks is more like a platform on the web where you get to share your opinions and express your feeling. It is a little place where you get to share your problems related to relationships, beauty, love, fashion, family, health, fitness, sex, food, spirituality, motherhood and lots more.


You can ask questions, share your opinions and make a suggestion on how to help solve a problem. You can also share your experiences with life and you can also talk to me privately.



Cetworks is run and founded by a little Missy. Cynthia Chiagoziem Okafor. Don’t think less or high of me. I am just a girl in her twenties, okay? So, feel free to share, suggest, ask, teach and learn. Oh yay! nobody knows it all. So, please let’s do this like adults and be better than we were yesterday.


PS: Be the better you today, you promised to be yesterday! 


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