5 Facts You Should Understand About the Term, “WILLINGNESS”.

Hello there, how is going? So today, I figured I’d like to talk about the term, “Willingness”. A lot of times you might be curious about what the term, “willingness” is all about.  Do you want to know how willing you are? Are you willing to help others even as you protect yourself from the world? Does willingness to do things help? What is the willingness in you? You might as well have questions like this going on and on in your head.

Then, you should go on to feed your curiosity.

The term willingness means alacrity, in other words, it means the state of being willing which means inclined, ready, and so on. Now, I ask you this, are you ready to help others with or without protecting yourself first? You know this question is important you answer them confidently within you. So, I ask again, are you ready to go out and do something for others without a justification? Are you inclined to acknowledge that others are not lesser than you in any way, and so you are going to treat them as though they were you? It is very necessary for you to have the answers to that question before you proceed with the sentiment of being willing to assist mankind.

This is because I observed that people are outright treating each other with less humanity these days. Like, is that the new law or something? Because I see no reason why we as human beings should treat one another any less. Which draws the five things you ought to understand about willingness because it is not a child’s play.

Five Validities About Willingness

1. Willingness is when you are eager to do something right, without having any attachment of whatsoever with the one who was/is benefiting. This is where you see a random person with no connection to you, and decided to help them. Not because you have it all, rather because you are inclined to do so.

2. Willingness is anything but arrogant. You can not be willing to do something and be arrogant about it. Just like oil doesn’t mix with water, no matter how experienced you deem you are. Willingness is more of being down to earth, humble and reasonable. Don’t get me wrong, but because you did something for Mr A, which he withheld to appreciate doesn’t guarantee Mr B is like that, and vice versa. Thus, don’t go about announcing to the world about how ungrateful people are. Why? Because you are and should be receptive to do good.

3. Willingness doesn’t guarantee appreciation from your benefiter. This is because of the impression people evolved with, which implies your benefiter must be grateful to you. No, it doesn’t work like that because people are so ungrateful most of the times, that is the reason we all hurt ourselves and kill our success one way or the other, while it is in the making. Learn to be appreciative.

4. Willingness does make you allies with everyone. The journey is going to be difficult, impossible even which doesn’t make you to not want to give up trying? But you have to keep pushing and don’t give up! The journey won’t be easy, which is the more reason you need to have a reason or what inspires you to want to be inclined to doing what’s good. 

5. Your safety is not guaranteed. Of course, that was an expression but also the truth. Though you are not being killed physically, rather, that will be happening mentally and emotionally, sure that’s 100%possible, therefore, protect yourself when you are in the act as well. What I mean here, is that no one wants to see you shine, and to not do better than them, which is why you need to protect yourself at the same time.

I hope this helps to propel the goodness in you and help you become unstoppable in the journey of willingness.

Have a Great Friday,

Stay safe, everyone.

Five Steps To Keep Yourself Pushing.

Hello folks, how is it going? Wondering why I didn’t post yesterday? Well, it was my mama’s birthday, and so due to the fun and stress, I wasn’t able to post. For that, I am sorry.

Today, I’d like to give whoever that needs a little push, and to those who would love to do a lot of positive things already. What I am saying is that they’re people who need someone or something to happen before they do something in life. For instance, in a scenario where you find yourself needing or wanting to have something for yourself, but you are lenient to get that thing. No offense to anyone out there who is in this criteria. Now, listen, it’s not that you don’t have the financial capacity or your health status is currently bad or anything as such, but you just need a push to get things accomplished. So, if you find yourself in that criteria, then this post is for you.

The Five Things to do to Keep it Pushing.

  1. Get a Journal and Write: Now, this may sound weird, but it works. It worked and still working for me. How do I mean? The thing is that people tend to read things that it’s written, either by them or not, maybe tomorrow, today, new year, but it is certain that as you write down something you tend to remember vividly that you have written something similar down somewhere. Just like I do, I write things down then go through my journal every weekend. But after writing what’s next?
  2. Read and Practice: In this phase, you need to go through what you have jotted down once in a while, but I don’t mean after months or years, no. Actually, if you can do this within the space of a few days that is even better. But, if you’re as busy as me with work, you can do this every weekend. Then practice, because practice makes perfect.
  3. Bring it into existence: Here, you have to execute whatever you practiced in the dark to the light. What this means is that you did Lot of practices on your own, but now you are gonna live it. Whatever you hide is hidden, but when you bring it to the public, it’s now in existence. Why? Because they’re now witnesses to whatever it is you’re doing.
  4. Don’t pay deaf ears to criticisms: This is because you don’t grow by not talking corrections and opinions from other people. Forget the saying that says, “what people say doesn’t matter.” It does and will always, but then I advise you to use this saying, “Use the stones people cast on you, to build your empire.”
  5. Learn, Grow and Live: Now, this phase is very necessary, because a lot of people ended on the fourth phase once they hear gossip about themselves. The reason is that they did not use or apply the criticism properly and thereby getting the wrong result. Now, don’t see criticisms as a joy kill or a discouragement. Instead, see it as suggestions, encouragement, and above all, the necessities for the building of a better empire. Therefore, learn from the criticisms, grow with the lessons you learned from the criticisms, and live a better life that you practiced so hard for, bring it to existence.

Having said all that, I hope you improve on yourself. Also, I hope you understand where I am coming from to know where I am headed with this post. But, even if you have a question or anything, feel free to live a comment on the box and don’t be stingy with your likes, follow, comments and share buttons. Be generous with them!

Have a Great Thursday,


So Much Going on You Need to Take a Rest? Do this…

Hey folks, how is it going? Well, I have a lot on my plate right now. But I love you folks so much to not upload something today, so here goes it all…

Have you ever had so much on your plate that all you ask is just to take a rest from everything? Ever feel like you are losing yourself while trying to be brave, but deep down, you just want to be you and let all hell break loose? Well, you need to see this post. So, let me know what you think, yeah? Enjoy…

What is the word “Rest”? According to Wikipedia, Rest means Peace; freedom from worry, anxiety, annoyances; tranquility. Though “rest” has so many meanings, I’d like to talk about this definition.

What should you be taking the rest from? A whole lot. Take the rest from worries, anxiety, annoyances and everything that troubles your peace of mind. You know, I always wonder why people are so enthusiastic about troubling others? It baffles me how we become thorns in other people’s bodies and pests in their life preferably. I mean, we let other people’s opinions and thoughts rule our lives, that we tend to forget who is actually living this life. It’s our lives, not theirs.

So, live it!

What I am trying to say? I’m saying that you shouldn’t let people trap you, you shouldn’t allow the troubles of this life to feed on your strength, do not allow fear of the unknown to feed off your hope for a better tomorrow. Because, We always have a tendency to allow toxic people into our lives.

Stop that!

What is toxic for you? Whoever that takes more than they deposit in your life is toxic. Whatever that interrupt your peace of mind is definitely toxic for you. So, why don’t you put a stop to these things and take a rest?

Rest from those who have nothing to add up to your life. Mind you, resting in my own personal opinion Isn’t just having peace, it also means cutting off. Cut off things, people, and whatever that doesn’t add value to your life today.

To have rest, do these 5 things

  1. Avoid whatever that disturbs your tranquility.
  2. Avoid whatever or whoever that troubles your state of a peaceful mind.
  3. Do away with friends who don’t have loyalty in their lives.
  4. Avoid stress from unnecessary individuals who do nothing but bring you down.
  5. Try to Live…

With all this being said, do have a serene day.

Stay safe, everyone…


Trapped in History? Do this…

What is your history? What seems to have trapped you in? What’s your story? I know this sounds funny but it’s true, and it’s something we all need to answer or have thought about, sometimes. We all are trapped in one thing or another. How do you get untapped from your history?

According to the Wikipedia dictionary, trapped means to be caught in a trap. The trap can be anything that you can think of. This can be your past, thoughts, lifestyle, and so forth.

According to the Wikipedia dictionary, history means the aggregate of past events. Either way, it still deals with the past. So, what’s that past that you seem to be trapped in? Whatever it is, it is time to move on.

These days, you discover a lot of people are trapped in beliefs, thoughts, cultures, lifestyles, pasts, and mistakes done in their yore, that they refuse to accept the fact that this belief, culture, and lifestyle is a history. Don’t get me wrong, because I myself believe that history has a great impact on the present, and also to the futures to come. But, when you don’t want to grow mentally, spiritually, and other aspects of life, or limit yourself in life, simply because history had an awful outcome in the past, then I’m sorry to say, but you seem to be trapped in the history.

Also, another scenario is when you had an ugly relationship in the past or unpleasant childhood memory, and because of that, you refuse to live now that you’re matured. I’m not being judgemental or criticizing, but what I am saying, is that because you had an awful start doesn’t safeguard an awful ending as well. Or, having a great start doesn’t guarantee a great finish or end.

This is why you should presume to live. Live your dreams into reality, dream bigger and make mistakes, but don’t repeat the same mistake twice. It’s okay to fail, make mistakes and even cry if need be, but giving up or quitting is not even an option, so don’t even think about it.

I’d like you to know these things and remember them.

Failures don’t make you a failure if you apply the lessons learned from it well. They help you succeed and become successful. Just like mistakes doesn’t make you lesser than others. It teaches us things we can only learn ourselves, and crying doesn’t mean you are weak. It simply helps you to see vividly, just don’t make it a habit.

So, make a reshape of your belief, thought, past and even your present. Try to see the reasons why you need to set yourself free from your traps. Try talking to someone about it, think about it, just so you can clear your heads and try new things if need be.

Never allow your past to trap your whole concept about life, love and everything else that makes up life. Nobody should live-trapped, in this century, especially when it comes to your dreams, beliefs, culture and so on.

Have a Hassle-Free Week,

Happy Monday,

Stay safe!


Marveling What You are? See this…

Hey there, Readers.  How is it going? So, you might be wondering what’s going on today, but the thing is that I want to talk about what we truly are as a person or an individual.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a dilemma, where you keep gaping what you are? Do you keep marveling what is resulting in you that you do the things commit? Why you commit them?

Well, that’s what I choose to discuss today. I want you to read this to know that, what you are doesn’t matter if you don’t know who you are. The truth is that you can not find out who you truly are when you keep accepting to be what you are not.

I want you to visualize yourself in this scenario, where you are totally a gentle person, but because of what transpired previously in your yore, you chose to be a difficult person. You start impersonating recklessly, living a nefarious life and become so impetuous. Then, people now see you like a modicum when truly,  you are a decent person. Now, tell me, who is relinquishing from this kind of lifestyle?

So, why don’t you be yourself, be you and be proud of it? Whether you are being used, whether you are called all sort of names or being mistreated. The truth is that someone somewhere like you for you and whether or not you feel sad or cry about something, it is okay.

There is something that I perceived, people incline to behave frantic and arduous all the time, and want someone to love them for being like that. But, the truth is that no one likes a reminder of their yore. We all desire someone who accepts us for being ourselves, and not judges us.

Hence, I recommend you to know today, that you are a weapon and you shouldn’t weep. Forthwith, what I am meaning is, that it is alright to cry, for when you cry you rinse away the dirt in your eyes to see better. But crying too much will make your eyes slippery, and thereby making your eyes fall off your eyeballs. What? That’s what I believe, so sue me.

The sense is, you shouldn’t dwell in the missteps you made in the past, instead, learn from them and move on. Again, don’t overlook the fact that you need to be yourself to know what you are, and when you find out what you are, which I expect is a good thing. Nevertheless, even if it’s not, you are setting in motion to make it work, positively. Because you can be whatever you set your mind up to be.

I wish you a tremendous Sunday…


Why Should You be Proud of Being a Black? Read this…

To all the blacks out there,  I admire you all not to forget the white,  tan,  and whatever color you are,  so long you are a human being, I appreciate you all for being unique and beautiful.

But,  today,  I want to talk to the blacks. I wanna let them know what potentials they behold.  Black is beautiful,  believe it or not.

They’re these things about blacks that you can pinpoint. This aura,  the beauty,  the uniqueness among blacks and the way they do things.

I know they have a lot of sh*ts and messed up lives but,  those are the attributes that makes them irresistible and the aura, it makes you wanna kill them or join them.

I am a black and now, I’m not saying any of this because of that.  The point is that black is beautiful; inside out,  proud but not arrogant even though we have the Judas among every twelve.  Black is bold,  they take no sh*ts from whoever you may be. Black is truthful,  unique and all the good things you can think of, as well as the bad things too.  I mean,  there will always be a bad you to produce a good you.  So,  whether you see a cracked up black living recklessly,  they are always beautiful inside out that you find them fascinating without even knowing them,  and that attractive string that draws you to them,  it’s just inbuilt in them.

Black is strong and irresistible.  You know why?  Because irrespective of the ugly past they had and how they came to live freely without being so restricted, they still make wonderful lives.

I’m sorry to say and no offense to those that aren’t blacks, but blacks are legends and the legacy laid back then by the men of honor such as Micheal Jackson and other outstanding black icon,  would never die down so easily.

Now,  this is nothing to brag about when that’s what we are.  We the blacks are simply beautiful. So,  if you are a black, whether rooted from your mama’s side, you are beautiful and should never be ashamed of that.

Now, I know that this isn’t and shouldn’t be my place to tell y’all,  but I will.  So,  if you’re black by color or by root,  respect what you have,  because many people out there admire you that’s why some are jealous and hate you for no reason, but secretly wish they could be you.

To all the blacks out there, what’s it gonna be?

So,  I say,  be proud of your skin color as blacks.  Stop putting your precious skin under unnecessary pressures just to look white,  tan,  light,  smooth,  sexy or beautiful.  Because the true beauty and sexiness is from within you. Again, no offense to those that are all those things that aren’t blacks.

Therefore, work on the you within and be proud of who you are because,  believe it or not,  so many people admires your skin color and your origin. Don’t bet with it and don’t mess it up!

Before, biding my farewells, I’d like to ask a question. So, please do me a favor and answer it or think about it. Or, you could leave a comment about it. Your choice!


If Black was a Treasure, What Would You do With it?

Have a great weekend beautiful people…


To Get Happiness, Do This…

Hello,  beautiful people…  It’s Friday and so,  weekend is around the corner.  I am so happy and I’m sure you’re (you better be if you’re not).

Be happy.

About hating? Hate means to hate intensively. Whether it is something or someone. That is according to Wikipedia dictionary.

Either way,  hate shouldn’t be found within or around us. Reason is because happiness can never be found where there’s hate.

Ask yourself,  why hating that person who doesn’t even know you exist? Why hating someone so much that you try all you could to avoid them,  when they don’t even know you are there. Why hate something so much that you refuse to give it a try?

Seriously, hating is hard work that you do in a negative way.  Why not use that strength you use in hating your cousin,  a friend or anything to do something productive for yourself today?

With all said and done,  avoid hatred.  They can never and never will there be happiness when you are busy hating on someone or something.

Make your choice now,  choose happiness and spread love to flourish or hatred and die in agony. Your choice.

But,  I sincerely hope you’d make the right choice. Don’t go hating…  Everybody get Wetin e dey face (we all have our own battles and demons), one way or another.  Spread love Maka e get why (there’s a reason). 

Have a blissful Friday,

Cetworks 💕

10 Reasons You as a Girl Should Consider Dating Your Male Best Friend.

So, nobody wants to be defenseless to a stranger or just fall for the new boy in school or the neighborhood when you feel that it is a big risk to take. Letting someone in, to break the walls you’ve built for so many years. Nowadays, the majority of girls’ philosophy is that if you accept a guy within a week, that makes you cheap. But girl, that ain’t no truth.

Enough of the blabbing! Let’s dive in and see why you should consider dating your male best as a girl if he is interested or ever asks you out. Forget the formalities, cause good men are hard to find. So, why waste time? But then, love is a risk to be taken!

Here, are the few reasons and you’re welcome to add yours.

1. The one you tell everything and anything: Have you ever thought of having a relationship with a guy who knows and understands you better? Like that is a blessing! Having a guy you can discuss everything and anything with is indeed a bliss.


2. The one who takes care of you: Girls be honest, Outside family and boyfriends, plus if you have a great besty doesn’t he take care of you? If your male best friend can pick up your call at 12 mid-night and come get you when you are stranded, marry him. It takes men only death, their mother and money sometimes to leave their sleep. Like, who doesn’t love their beauty sleep? No one, that’s it!

3. He is the one who handles your rainy and sunny days: If a guy can be with you when you are down on a mood swing or your period, or when you’re so hyperactive when he is so weak and tired. He is special. Heck! If a guy agrees to be with you when he knows your august visitor is around, with the crankiness and the mood swing? Girl, treasure him. Nobody likes to be with a cranky lady. It’s like pissing off a pregnant woman, and you know what that is.


4. The one who loves you truly: True love is hard to find as well as a true friend is rare. So, if a guy can take all your pieces of luggage and still cares deeply? Marry him. Not all guys can see all your flaws and still call your perfect. Forget the vicious lifestyle of always seeking for money. When the feeling is real, wealth and all the fame you want can be achieved.


5. He is your family: It takes a real man to be gentle and a rare gem to be respectful. If your male besty tells you your wrong, then loyalty is one of his characters, and that is rare these days. It takes a real guy to be loyal to a girl whether she wants to hear it or not, so long it’s for her good.

6. He is your friend: If your best male friend knows you lost your V-card and it still stays between you two, not even his buddies know about it? Girl, you are one, lucky damsel! If he keeps your secrets, he is rare.


7. If he has your back come rain, come shine: Then, he is truly what you need. Some guys are fearful of responsibilities, and you see one who handles yours as his. He is truly a friend and is okay to be taken to the next level if he wants it to happen. Otherwise… *Winks*

8. The one who sees through your facades: It takes a man who is observant to know you’re not happy even with your fake smiles put on at its best. Such men are rare, acknowledge what you have.


9. The one who does those little things just to cheer you up: If your besty can skip work, or after a hectic day at work still does little things to make up for the last time they hurt you. If he surprises you or even gets on your nerves just to get a reaction from you when you’re sad, that shows he truly wants your happiness. Reciprocate that too.


10. The one who gives you his time: So far, so good, We all know that no guy will do all the things we mentioned earlier if they don’t include you in their schedule. It takes the best besty and a good person to give out their time for whatever reason. Make good out of those times and never make them regret it. The same applies to your best

In termination, after the broken heart caused by other guys, a hectic day at work, and after all the ugly things that could ever happen to you in a day and you come telling that one person– your besty. Why not consider making friendship all or nothing.

Also, don’t forget to respect their wishes if otherwise, and also, take your time to avoid losing a lifetime friendship, that is not something you should ever wish anyone that has a true friend.

Please, don’t forget to like this post to show you want more related content. Comment to share your experience or thoughts about this post. Follow to stay updated for new posts. Share with everyone and anyone, please. That would help go a very long way.


Have a Good Day!

The clock keeps ticking


You can make today better than yesterday just by Intentionally refusing to pick those calls or reply those messages that you know do not make your life any better…
Look! Any relationship that doesn’t motivate you do be a better person should not be given attention after your first and second or maybe your third encounter with such people. There’s practically no time! If there’s a beautiful future in that RELATIONSHIP, you’ll know from the start, except you really do not even know who you are, where you are or where you’re going in life.
You need to start living INTENTIONALLY. Choose your circle without apologies. Let people earn the space they occupy in your life by MERIT!

Love sticks


🎤“I chop her before” won’t stop someone who truly love her from dating her when she can help him build an empire in the future, maybe you saw sex but he saw far beyond that.There is no honor or award for womanizing ; be wise!

🎤The worst animal on earth is the human being who pretends to care about people and intentionally hurts them to suit his own desires.

🎤An ugly child of your own is more valuable to you than a beautiful one belonging to your neighbor.




Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.

You can be in a relationship for 2 years and feel nothing; you could be in a relationship for 2 weeks and feel everything. Time is not a measure of love ❤️

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. ❤️

And if you’re lucky enough
They won’t forget you!
They won’t forget the love you gave them.

Ain’t nothing wrong with loving the right person too fast 😍
It’s a problem when you love the WRONG person 👉🏿 TOO LONG!!!

Stone Bank

#5 Amorous Gesticulations to Rouse your Mate with

It is a new Monday again. How is it going to be? It’s chilly here in Lokoja and heaven knows that this isn’t funny anymore ’cause, tell me how can Nigeria be like overseas just when it comes to being keen. Why not in development and other more salutary like wealth, good politics, security and so on.

The Inspiration

With that being, by the way, I was inspired to write this post by a contact status I saw on Whatsapp. Don’t get me wrong but I can’t help to think that Africans especially Nigerians don’t know how to show love.

To Nigerian lovers, I am sorry but this is a matter of reality. I mean, how can you wake your spouse on the same bed by shaking them, or yelling their names. I mean, C’mon guys, that is not amorous. So, I will suggest a few ardent gestures to wake up your partner and make their morning sweet is essential. The few tips will help achieve that.


1. Peppering /showering them kisses on their face. Just spike kisses for those who can’t stand bad breath. That doesn’t signify they don’t love you sufficient to harbor your bad breath. Not everyone can stand bad breath. So that is understandable, and because someone relishes you doesn’t mean they can’t express how they feel or be loyal with you when it comes to bad breath.


2. Breakfast in bed is also a select way to attest to your man/woman that you love and appreciate them. Especially, after a long night. Breakfast in bed is the fittest.


3. Whispering words of endearments. Though people love it when you address them with their names. It registers to them that you care about them to keep their names at heart but that’s a different thing when it comes to mates. How would you respond to hearing those endearments you love so much from the love of your life or the love of your present. It’s amorous and engaging. It shows your partner that you love them. A very balmy way to show give him/her some affection.


4. Full lips kisses. Oh, yes! How often do you kiss your partner? Is it just when he/she has a good breath? Although, I recommend to stay healthy and maintain healthy hygiene. But, when you go head-on and kiss your partner in the morning with the bad breath nevertheless fully loaded, I think that sends a message of love and affection even without saying the three magic words.


5. The yearning stare. Yes! When you stare at the one you love with so much love, that the world fades away, and all you see is just your partner. That is truly wondrous and sometimes, if your partner wakes up to the minute you were relishing them in their slumber, it truly warms the heart and there, you have just wake up your partner with a loving gesture that tugs the heart and puts a smile on their face.

So, they’re so many romantic gestures to wake up your partner with. Don’t be the gong/alarm that buzzes every day with a harsh tone. No one love to be woken to/by a harsh tone.

Exhibit and proffer your partner some love right from the bed to help kick away any outcast emotions that only bring down their disposition.

Have a love-filled Monday! ❤

Photo Credits: NOT MINES!

#4 Deficiency that Mars Relationships

Have you ever find yourself in a situation or a scenario in your relationship where you feel you are losing or falling out of love with your significant other? Yes, but don’t know what to do? Or no? Nothing to worry about, It all happens but shouldn’t be ignored.

Sometimes in a relationship, it may seem boring, tiring or even hard to keep up with it along with the responsibilities we all have in family and work, you see yourself not having the time, energy or feelings anymore. But, does that mean you don’t love your partner anymore? Does that mean you don’t care anymore about him/her? No, it only means that the #4 Deficiency that Mars Relationships are existing in your relationship, and do you know what are those? Sit tight and observe the revelations.



  • Lack of Communications: This is the beginning of the fall of any relationship. Just like it is the pillar, it is also the fall of that relationship without it. Communication is a vital key to any successful relationship. Lack of it leads to assumptions, assumptions lead to confusion, and that leads to a misunderstanding which results in conflict or arguments. Learn to communicate with your partner and make connections with them to build a healthy relationship.

Communication builds trust and understanding.


  • Lack of Trust: When you don’t trust your significant other, you tend to question every single thing they tell you or do for you. Lack of trust has closed off many relationships and still on the way to bring many down many more if care is not taken. Lack of trust can make your relationship suffer a lot and reduce it down to nothing but a fighting zone. Remember love is not and shouldn’t be a warzone where you and your significant other will never be in agreement irrespective of the compatibilities shared. This also may lead to controlling.

Trust built on love and understanding is everlasting.

  • Lack of Respect: Yes, you read right. We all know that respect is reciprocal. But, do we respect those in our life? When you don’t listen or adhere to the decisions made by your partner, you don’t respect them. When you trample on their feelings and do whatever pleases you without considering their welfare and feelings, that is being disrespectful. If you find yourself in this category, work on yourself and learn to trust your partner. Discuss whatever that you don’t seem to understand and improve your relationship.

Respect those you love and carry their feelings to heart.


  • Anger: This is a wildfire that brings down years of relationships to ashes. It destroys in a blink of an eye. If you can control and manage your anger, then you can save your relationship.

Anger is nothing when it is managed well.

When you get rid of these caterpillars in your relationship, then you are on the way to happily ever after.



Emotional Denial

Holla Lovers, how is it going? Hmph! Well, my day is going pretty well but then, I can help but sharing this story that keeps popping in my head. Arrgh! Okay… Enough of my blabbing, let’s dig in!

Story Time

One evening, I woke up from a nap by his stupid calls. Soo tired… argh!

“What is it?”, I asked.

“I miss you”, he replied on the phone. Fidgeting with my silk robe which I was wearing. I felt my heart flutter from his little profession of affection towards me.

But, being the stubborn me, I told him, “Is that why you disturbed my sleep, you stupid, arrogant, jerk! Don’t ever call me, again! Arrrgh!”. After pouring out my rage on him. I was waiting for him to say something awful to me or hang up on me. But, It never came.

I was about to hang the call on him when he chuckled and that alone sent chills down my spine. Gosh! I hate it when he has these effects on me, I thought to myself.

Immediately, shaking the thoughts off. I yelled at him, “Go show off your ego elsewhere, sheesh!”. But then, he swept me off my feet with the next thing he said to me.

“I love you, Sky. Please, give me a chance”. Now, don’t get me wrong, but this guy is arrogant and mean. The dude doesn’t even talk to me. And for the past 10 years since we were in diapers and even when we went to college, he acted like he doesn’t even know me. And now, this? Well, He better look out! I thought to myself.

Snapping back from my little brain break, I heard him say, “Hello, Sky. Are you there?” Holyyokomoly!!!

“y.y.yeah.”, I answered, facepalming myself for shuttering.

I hanged the call like a maniac sweating from all the yelling I did earlier, well-done, Sky! I praise myself, smiling like a fool about what Xavier said earlier.

My fragile throat felt like the red ants are having a party down there while my head bangs like the mp3 stereo was placed just right there to reward me for being so generous with Xavier. Karma is a generous bitch indeed.

“Jesus! What does he think he is? Who the sugar is Xavier to have such an effect on me? I hate him! Arrgh!” Note the Sarcasm dripping.

I kept having a small derangement within my thoughts. Not knowing I was stupidly thinking out loud in front of an uninvited audience. Great! Why does the universe love me so unwanted much? *sarcasm dripping…

The next thing I saw left me picking my jaw from the floor. The Motherlover is kneeling behind me with a loud, grounding-shaking and a breathtaking ring with my family and his, all gathered in my sitting room.

I wasn’t fair or white, but I’m sure I was looking like a purple tomatoes from my neck up to my eyes that were currently on the ground admiring my all of a sudden sexy feet.

The next question I heard threw me off balance and land me in an unconscious state right now.

The End.


What do you think was the question that Xavier asked Sky that threw her to an unconscious state?

What would you do if you were Sky? Ladies

What do you think that made Xavier seem arrogant to Sky?

Who was the arrogant one here, Sky or Xavier? Justify your option.

Why was Sky in denial?


Sweet-reader, Leave your answers on the comment box. Please, like, share and follow for more stories!

Tomorrow, I will be posting the answers. But, Let’s hear from you first.

Compliments of the Seasons!!!

Take a Break

Hello love birds, how is it going? Happy boxing day to all the Cetworks family, also to the new members on the cause, you are welcome! So, today, we’ll be discussing “taking a break in a relationship and marriage”. As you all know, your opinions about every matter shared on this platform are highly welcomed. So, my relationship gurus, say something! Either you in the yay or nay teams state your reasons to whichever you go for. Don’t be a ghost reader!


Right! Let’s get into this topic, yeah? So, I got this post idea yesterday from Area10 tv station on Star time during the Wednesday Lunch Jollification program by Ykdvillagegirl. They were discussing taking breaks in marriages and relationships, and it struck my mind that a lot of people if not the majority of individuals think that it’s not healthy to take breaks in relationships, especially marriages.

So, guys, I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter. Because for me, I think it’s ideal and healthy to take breaks in relationships though I can’t say much about doing that in marriages. But I still rote for taking breaks in relationships and marriages.


Now, I’d like you to picture/envision these scenarios, before deciding to rote for taking breaks in relationships and marriages or not.

Let’s take, for instance, you are in a relationship and you don’t feel your partner like you used to, maybe when it all began at first, or you want your relationship spicy as before. Maybe due to responsibilities, career pursuits, works, ups and downs of life, etc. and you find out you are gradually losing this person or you think you are falling out of love with this person. Maybe you are the touchy and possessive type and you feel your partner no longer wants you which may seem true to you because you both argue more than you kiss, love, enjoy each other’s companies and do all the spicy things. I hope you get the vibe, yeah?

So, maybe all these things happened or have been happening and you don’t know if you want it in or out anymore, why don’t you take a break?

Why Taking a Break in Your Relationship or Marriage is Necessary?

Well, you need a break in your relationship or marriage for these reasons sometimes.

To clear your minds and think properly to avoid rash decisions. Also, they are some people who think properly when they enjoy their solitudes. While some people, just need that me-time alone to function properly and give what your relationship requires. Either way, everybody loves to be alone at some point so don’t make your relationship always our time.

You need a break to get new ideas. This is to say that, maybe you both ran out of spices to spice up your relationship or marriage, therefore, it becomes boring and you want it back spicy and thrilling, you need a break too. Maybe you need a girls/ boy’s time alone to get in check and provide what your relationship requires of you.

To appreciate who you have in your life as your partner. Yes! This too happens. Remember the colloquialism that states, “People don’t know what they have until they lose it”. Well, taking a break can help you understand that better. When you don’t appreciate the presence of your partner then I think their absences should do the magic. Right?

To relieve stress. Yeah! Seeing your partner every day can be stressful for some partners. Don’t judge them. They want to have a partner who will be gone and returns home when they are off from work and someone who has a lot to talk about when they are asked, “how was your day, baby? Or how was work, babe?” nobody wants to date someone who is not fun to be with. So why don’t you take a break and seek for help or better still get busy with something meaningful? That should work too!

To understand better what you are into or who you are dealing with or even to know more of what is required of you in your relationship. Yes! Meet a therapist or seek advice and work out what might be wrong and find out what seems missing in your marriages and relationships. Nobody knows it all, but they are always someone who knows better than you do. So, why don’t you take a break and get your relationship back or fix your marriages up?

Having said all that, I still want us to understand properly what “Taking a Break in Relationships and Marriages” truly means.

What Does it Mean to Take a Break in Relationship or Marriage?

According to Wiktionary, to take a break means to have a short rest period in one’s work or studies, other activities. Therefore, to take/have a break in relationships or marriages simply means to have a short rest period form your spouse or partner. In other words, it simply says, you can have a vacation from your relationship or marriage, just to enjoy some solitude and have things in check again before returning to your partner in a short period.

This is what taking a break in relationships or marriages is from my perspective but let’s hear yours?

How to Take Breaks in Relationships or Marriages

Taking a break in marriages or relationships isn’t necessary to go all “It’s over”, “I’m done with you”, “we are done”, and so on. Nope! I disagree with that.

Taking a break in a relationship or marriage should be like going on vacation or to visit a friend or visit your family (for married women) just to stay for a few days or a week at most and have a boy’s time (for the married men). It shouldn’t be like relocating to a new neighborhood or a new state.

Right! Having said that, I still propose that it is healthy to take a break in relationships and marriages too. It helps in boosting and waxing marriages stronger than divorcing. ‘Cause, that shouldn’t even be an option for those who truly love themselves.

Taking a break in helps relationships build up stronger making it thrilling and spicy, instead of increasing the rates of breakups and broken hearts in the world. Work it out and make it last!

Don’t forget to drop what you think about taking a break in relationships and marriages in the comment box. Let me know if you are in the yay or nay team. Also, please share with your friends, Cetworks family needs more people in the family, yeah! Also, follow Cetworks and like our posts.

Happy Boxing Day from Cetworks to You!

Have a Great Time…x

#7 Spices to Spice Up Any Relationship

Hi guys, so this is my first post in a very long while now, and it might still not be a pro version. but at least, they are still mine. My thoughts and I love sharing them so why not. You see lately, I’ve been thinking, “what made so many relationships crash?” especially in Nigeria. I know, it’s not just here but, hey! This is where I live but, I’d love to know about other countries. So, comment down below on the comment box if it differs.

As I was saying, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media lately about relationship issues. Plus, I think it’s even trendy now that most individuals prefer dealing with their problems publicly nowadays. But, that’s it anyways. This post will help you understand better what is required of you in your relationships with people, especially your significant others. Whether you are the male/female, it’s simply vice versa.

Now, let’s get into this post, yeah? Apart from the love in any relationship, they are seven ingredients that must not lack in it no matter what. Let’s get this rolling!

  1. Trust: You may or may not have known more about this. But if you want to even get any relationship started, you sure need trust. It builds love and respect towards your significant others.
  2. Respect: This isn’t where you display your age, and trust me, how old you are doesn’t make you right when you’re wrong in any relationship. Respect is reciprocal, which means do to your significant others what you’d love them to do to you under any circumstances. That includes respecting the decisions they’ve made before they met you and even when you are together.
  3. Patience: Be patient with your spouses. You need the patience to love them better. This may sound cliché, but anyone without patience gets it all wrong. You need to be patient to adapt to each other and express your feelings towards one another properly.
  4. Understanding: In every relationship, understanding is essential. For without it, your communication lifespan dies off a space of a short time. Lack of understanding produces misunderstanding, which leads to conflicts and arguments. Try as much as possible to understand your significant others without judging them. No one loves to be judged at all, especially without understanding their perspectives on things.
  5. Communication: This is the most interesting part of any relationship. You need to communicate with your significant others to know each other better and carry each other along.
  6. Appreciation: This might seem nothing, but a simple “thank you”, isn’t just all you need to show you are truly thankful for having your significant others and the people around you. But, a visit to the gift shops and little sweet gestures will sure do the job.
  7. Acknowledge: This shows you value those in your life. Especially, those little things we do or say to our significant others, such as, “I’m sorry”, “thank you” “I love you”, “please” and so on. These things and the endearments we use for those special people in our lives make them warmer and simply say we value them even without buying the world for them. Not that that is bad though if you can afford it.

Having known all that, I’d advise that spouse and couples should do the little things more often, and not just on special occasions. Treat your significant others like the king/ the queen they are, even though it’s the thoughts that matter. Never make those who love you feel alone.

Merry Christmas!!!

Have a Great Time.


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